SS integrated for Proac 2.5 - Plinius or Unico?

I am runnng Proac 2.5's with ARC tube amplification (LS-7, VT-50). They sound great, with accurate tonal balance, extended lows and wide soundtaging. I am thinking of switching to a SS integrated amp to avoid the heat and hassle of maintaining tube amps. Is there a SS integrated amp that has a presentation similar to what I am getting with the ARC combo? Oh, and I also want a phono stage. Considerations are Plinius 8200 or 9200 or Unico. I've heard the MF A300, and it has nice tonal balance, but is not as transparent as the ARC. Suggestions?
Arc will be hard to beat

Stuart Tyler Pro Ac designer turned us on to the
Primare A30 integrated which he also uses at shows if you would like to discuss this
please feel free to call me at 973 809 4467
Sincerely John Rutan
I have owned the Plinius 8200 MKII and the MF A300 and prefer the Plinius which has a fuller and more musical sound where I felt the MF had light bass. I would not say the Plinius was substantionally more detailed though. You may want a Rowland Concentra II or the new one they are coming out with (I forget the name) which is supposed to be quite a step up.
Thanks for the comments. Haven't considered Primare, though HiFi Choice gave them a nice review, but do they have a phono stage?
I use the Plinius 9200 to drive my ProAc Response 2.5s. It's a great amplifier. I couldn't recommended it more highly.

It's one of the gems available today. Audition it for yourself!
Try YBA, This is a good match with proac. A least with the new D15.
I've had the JRDG Concentra II with the ProAc Response D15 and agree with the above poster excellent choice with ProAc's.

With the new integrated (Concerto) recently released you might be able to get a good deal for Concentra II.
The 2.5's like power!!! I would look into that 200watt job comming soon out of Unison Research if you want to drive them right. Also I believe that Musical Fidelity is releasing a monster intergrated soon. I've heard all kinds of amps driving all kinds of Proac's and nothing compares to the big power stuff.
HOWEVER the Unico intergrated worked well with a previous pair of 1.5's that I owned, but a friend has a pair of 2.5's and a Krell FPB700 and there is NO comparison. Sorry, it's the truth!
I think that it may be hard to match the synergy of ProAc speakers with ARC pre and power, but for my office system, I wanted a very conservative, classy look, and I ended up with all Arcam FMJ components (FMJ A22 integrated, FMJ CD23T player, and FMJ T21 tuner) to drive my Tablette Reference 8 Signatures. Your 2.5's may require more power. I don't have experience with them. But as far as making for a nice SS amp match-up with ProAc's, I am very happy with the sound of the Arcam equipment. Of course, I still prefer the sound of ARC with ProAc's.

I am driving my D15 with the new int Copland hybrid CSA 29. I had demoed it with a Primare a30 and opted for the Copland. The Copland gives good seperation, definition and focus.

Hello BCman. Probably a wise idea to audition the ss stuff in your system before pulling the trigger here. Try upgrading to an Audio Research sp-8 preamp with a phono stage first. A whole higher leaugue altogether.