SS Integrated Amplifier that would sound good with the PSB Synchrony One B

  Sorry about my poor English.
  A couple of weeks ago I bought a brand new (old stock) PSB Synchrony One B speakers.
 Great sound with the Luxman L-590AX that I borrowed from my friend but of course I cannot afford one.
 So far I am using NAD C326 Int.Amp. Standard NAD house sound. Nice dynamics but confused highs.
 Any suggestions on the SS Integrated amplifier. The maximum budget is $4000.00. Listening room is 17'x12'x8'.    Very moderate listening levels. Such a posting already exists (by Djengan). The Rega Elicit-R would be one of the options but i heard from the people who are familiar with the Rega electronics, that particular model lately have issues with the humming transformers. Thank you in advance on your opinions.

So you are looking for something that is as good as the Luxman L-590AX for 4000.00?  You might have to go the used market route to find something like that. 
The Yamaha integrated amps are said to be warm like class A.   The A S2100 is in your price range. 
Of course that I don't expect the sound as good as the Luxman's sound but an amplifier that can produce detailed sound.
I own the Rega Elicit-R. I replaced more expensive separates and I prefer the Rega sound  overall. No hum and I've not read any professional reviews that mention hum from this model. I did read some comments about some people experiencing hum with the lower priced Rega Brio-R (not sure which version). But I've also read lots of comments about the Brio-R being really good for the price.

Anyway, I'm a very happy Rega Elicit-R owner. I also own the companion Rega Saturn-R CD player/transport/DAC and I find the combination outstanding in the mid-price level.
Nad is very clean and precise, but not REALLY GOOD.
It's a 'polite version' of old school Japanese amps. You want to get good sound -- look for restored Accuphase E202 and Nad house sound will soon be forgotten.
We are a PSB dealer and we have an integrated amplifier that will sound very similar to the Luxman, a Plinius Hugtonga it is very smooth and powerful at 200 watts per channel and it sounds wonderful with the Sync.

New $5795 demo $3200
The Accuphase is also one of the options. I also had opportunity to listen E-370 and PSB Synchrony (towers) in Europe. Again, great sound
but the price.......The best I could do is E-270 but I doubt that is sound that good since it's their basic model. Or I am wrong? Problem is that I
cannot audition E-270 with my speakers. A couple of dealers offer 30 day's trial but they asking for 10% restocking fee if amplifier returned.
I am definitely not partial to the NAD, I just think that is NAD safest option
to start since nobody makes nothing that sounds "that good" in that price range.
you will not return Accuphase, IMPOSSIBLE.
Excellent suggestions as above- dames4

I will second the Rega Elicit-R. I will add Anthem 225 integrated or the newer STR integrated.
Happy Listening!
If you can buy used and don't mind an international sale check out this listing:

Obviously a step down the Luxman ladder but should still have their house sound.
Hegel H360, 300 or 160
Any of them will drive your speakers with ease.
I have owned the h300 and presently own the h160.
Very tight solid bass, impressive soundstage, nice fluid highs.
Imho they do very well on piano and acoustic guitar and plenty of "slam" for rock.
Additionally they have good DAC on board so if needed to run digital media through it as well as analog you are covered.
Only one caveat, only the h160 has a headphone jack if that is important to you.

Did not see mention of your sources but none of the Hegel have built in phono stage so that may be a consideration....or not....
I love my Parasound Halo integrated

dead on neutral and sounds like music
I have the PSB T3’s and until recently was driving them with a NAD M27. Find another upgrade option outside of the NAD. The NAD sound lacks the kind of ’life’ and harmonic rightness that makes you want to close your eyes and tap your feet.

The Plinius @audiotroy recommends might very well be a great way to go. Plinius is known for making a great tubelike sounding SS amplifier. Good luck! 👍
I’d go with the Plinius. 
@dames4  Your English is terrific and from the responses everyone is clear on what you are asking.

I'll be contrarian here (which I will also note isn't directly helpful since you have already made the purchase) but please know that part of this can be laid upon your speakers. I'm sure you will find a good pairing, but remember that speaker choice is critical as well. 

All the best with your choices. You have an abundance of great options.
You could get a new Moon integrated at your price and maybe find a used 600i which is an excellent product. Bryson, Macintosh used. You might also find a used Allnic tubed integrated at your price. Best wishes.
One of the Plinius Integrated should work very well.
McIntosh MA5200   You can get one with very few hours for $3,500.  SS Integrated amp with an MM phono and a decent DAC on board. Plus, you are getting a McIntosh,  so there's that.  
The Plinius is better then a Mcintosh.

The mcintosh integrated uses autotransformers which means a warm but not particularly well defined treble. 

We sold both the Syncrony and the Pliuus as a system they totally complimented each other.
Quite low on your budget side (used can be had for as little as $1400) but still an extremely musical piece
Primare I32.
The Swedes and Nords seem to have a good handle on integrateds of late.
AudioTroy  The MA5200 doesn't have Autoformers.  And your opinion is dead wrong.  
Parasound HALO for a smaller budget. Might as well as throw Lyngdorf TDA-2170 in the hat as well. Room Perfect is great addition. 
NAD C375 lots of power and partners well with PSB.  i have the new Rega Brio and it's very musical.  no hum issues as reported with my sample either.  i am using Rega RS1's
The Belles are nothing but the overpriced mediocre electronics.
I certainly feel good about spending money on my new Belles amp a couple of years ago. In fact I feel great, it was a smart move on my part. I worked for some dealers and listened to a ton of good equipment and the Belles is real good. 
There is a Coda CSI on another site for $3195... This is a decent price for a CSIB, but a bit over the going rate for a CSI.  It is worth an offer of $2000 to $2400.  It will make your Synchrony One's sing. 
+timlub. The coda csib I think it is, is a great integrated. I think the bipolar outputs would be better for the synchrony ones than mosfet output if well implemented, and the coda will let the bipolars shine. 
Maybe a tube hybrid?   I'd consider Rogue Pharoah or Sphinx depending on budget.  Especially if you need phono.
ps audio stellar M700 is what i'm stepping up to from my stellar S300.
Not sure what the amp classification is called, but it's pretty amazing sound, right in your wheelhouse price wise.

I agree with mapman.  A tube or tube hybrid would help smooth out those highs.  I’ve owned a few psb’a and understand what you’re describing.  If high volume isn’t your thing , I think a tube hybrid is an excellent choice.  Peach tree also does this in addition to Rogue.  
Plinius / McIntosh / BAT 
+1 for mapmans suggestion. The Rogue Pharaoh has it all at reasonable cost.
The Plinius is a brute of an amp, but really lacks the finesse on the top end.  And sounds better than the Mcintosh ma5200??  To each his own, but that Mcintosh has killer sound all the way up the scale where the Plinius may present nice bass but on the upper end it is pretty edgy, especially with those speakers.  Heard them both at a local shop and, at least for me, it was an easy choice on SQ.  And, as someone else said, that Mac doesn't use autoformers.
SS Integrated Amplifier that would sound good with the PSB Synchrony One B

They want an amp that can be very comfortable with 4ohms even 2ohms as I see it.
+1 for the John Curl designed Parasound HALO Integrated, Pass Labs Inter, maybe "some" Class-D that can handle 2ohms.

Not many tubes unless they have a 2ohm tap, I can think of one, the Primaluna Dialogue Premium Integrated Amplifier 2ohm tap is good (green) but the 4 and 8 peaks up in FR. Trouble is by using the 2ohm tap you sacrifice a lot of wattage.

Cheers George
I finally picked the amplifier. I went with the Vincent SV-237MK. Great bass, not so detailed (probably needs more time to break in. I am close to 50 hours). Do you have any suggestions on the tubes?

A good friend owns a Vincent SV236 and after ignoring my suggestion of new production Gold Lion 12AX7s (hey man…), he apparently researched among Vincent owners and found that the new EH 12AX7s were the ones to get. After using the original tubes for years he found his amp now sounds brighter. There ya go!
Good luck with the Vincent.
Let us know how you like it once it's broken in.

I've found that my T3's need good current delivery to sound their best, especially on the bottom end. When I went from a Nad M27 to a BAT VK-6200 my T3's came to life. I am curious how your Synchrony 1's play with tubes.