SS Integrated amplifier advise, please


I went from an integrated amplifier to separates. And I am unhappy with the result. I would like to keep it simple and go back to an integrated amplifier.

I need a SS 100w-175w in 8 ohms.

My budget is about $1140.

If it matters I am listening to ALL kind of music (from classical to heavy metal and anything in between - jazz, world music, electronical, etc).

In your opinion, which integrated with the list price of $2850 or less will best serve my interests.

Thank you

I'm on the same quest as you are and fpr the momento I'm currently considering the Musical Fildelity A300 and X150, do some research on them.

Good Luck
I would suggest a McIntosh MA6450. I feel it would pair well with your tastes and system.
McCormack DNA-125 is a nice amp, 125 into 8. They show up used on A'gon for under a grand. Then down the road you can have Steve McCormack "upgrade" the amp, being able to choose from different levels of upgrades.

I would look at the Blue Circle CS integrated. Its not as powerful as you want, but its a match made in heaven with your JMR Twins. Read some of the reviews on it, everyone loves the thing. I love mine.

Here is the review on the Twin were the reviewer uses the Blue Cirlce CS:;

This may be one of the most commoml asked questions on Agon during the last few months so a search of archives may help.
I'm using a Roksan KandyIII now and have been very happy with it for a year or so. It has many features I consider essential and was very well reviewed by British press.
When I think of upgrading I watch for used Plinius or Classe. One thing for certain, after using this integrated I'll never go back to separates.
I think the Sim Audio i-5 recommendation is not a good one. The i-5 is not very versatile sound-wise, if you wish to cover a large variety of music.

Even though you wish to have more power, I would suggest you have a listen to a Naim Nait 5i. It sounds subjectively much more powerfull than it's rating imply, and is much more refined-sounding than most of the higher power competition. The Mac 6450 is also nice (used to own this one too, with the Sim I-5). Again here, no contest with the bright-sounding I-5. Its the Mac hands down, and you have ( horror! tone CONTROLS!) knobs to rotate past the cost of expensive interconnects to ,'tailor'' your sound!

Good Luck !
If you are looking for an amplifier for your JMR Twins, you should not restrict yourself to amps with > 100 watts. I've listened to the twins with several lower-powered amps and they sounded wonderful.

I especially enjoyed ths ound of the Twins with the Manley Stingray, which lists new for ~2300, I believe.
go sim or plinius,both are a differant sound,a little research would go along way,i am using i3 dyns just needed the 100 at least too.cant loose with either of those two products imho.
There are Plinius 8200 listed here on the 'Gon for well under your budget. Plenty of power, and it includes a nice phono stage.

You might look for a pre-owned Electrocompaniet ECI-3 also.
Thank you all of you, but I changed the speakers and I forgot to change them on Audiogon. Now I have Ellis 1801b rated 83db sensitivity and 8 to min 6.2 ohms.
You can also try new BVaudio A300SE. This unit delivers sound with uncompromising results.
please forget the sim audio that is if you love music

but if you like a bright sound go for it ps

if you love a sweet sound go for the ma-6450

the mcintosh is the best choice #1

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