SS integrated amp w/ A&B speaks & remote

Looking to upgrade my HK 3470 reciever in the bedroom for a SS integrated amp with selectable A&B speaker output and remote control. Used or new for roughly $1000. Not sure about power rating but I do listen at low and high volumes and like it clean and friendly at all levels. Can we do any better?

HK 3470 Reciever (100 wpc rms I believe)
Not too bad or good sounding!

B&W DM602 S3 in bedroom 10'X 14'X 8' wall mounted on short wall (not sure about wires yet)

JBL PRO CONTROL 28 mounted in backyard underneath eve for 20'X 20' deck (50' run of 12 ga in-wall wire)

Any suggestions on things to listen to would be great THANX
The Creek 5350se is a very nice canidate. Has both a remote and A-B speaker output. Can be had for under $1000 used and sounds excellent.
I bought the Creek 5350se for a small set up in the family room, which also does a pair of outdoor speakers. It does a nice job and can be picked up used for under $1000.

Arcam also would be a good one to look at.
The NAD C372 has both. I owned the model it replaced, the C370, and enjoyed my time with it.
I agree with the Creek 5350 (I have the SE model). Of course it would be better to audition it with your speakers. Are the B&Ws bright? Do they need much power? I am running my 5350SE with Von Schweikert VR-1s which have a fabric 1" tweeter so they appreciate the detail of the Creek at the high end. Another option I hear is the Primaluna tube based amp, if they can drive your speakers. New $1000 or $1350 depending on the model. Kevin is a great guy to work with. They also have excellent used equipment for sale. Good luck!
The Creek 5350se will be hard to beat. A good friend of mine has one and it always amazes me on how good it sounds.


FYI, I don't think the PrimaLuna has either of the features that were requested (A&B speaker connection, remote).

Ruebent, you are quite right. I wasn't paying attention. Sorry!
If it's still available, the Classe CAP-150 now up for sale

is a much better buy than a Creek. I've home-auditioned the Creek 5350, owned the Creek 4330, and sent them both away in favor of a Classe CAP-100. The CAP-150 is supposed to be a slightly more powerful version of the 100.

I've since moved on to separates, but the CAP-100 was a great integrated.

...dunno about the a/b speaker switching, though...