SS Hard Drive with Bluesound Node 2

As an experiment, I purchased a $50 Passport, 1TB, solid state, USB drive, loaded it up with all my hi-rez files and about 100 flac-ed cds, then hooked it up to my B/S Node 2. Using the iphone app, it works flawlessly and sounds perfect.

The B/S user manual recommends against using large hard drives at the USB port, and I continue to see streamer manufacturers using mechanical hard drives, avoiding solid state. Any body known the thinking behind this?
Thanks for the input. As a point of information, though, the drive you are referring to is a mechanical drive, not a solid state drive. A 1 TB solid state Western Digital "My Passport" external drive lists at $400, and would cost around $360 if purchased from a reputable online seller such as And in some cases comparable drives from other manufacturers would cost considerably more than that. See these listings at Newegg.

Mechanical drives are of course far less expensive, for a given storage capacity.

-- Al

Thanks for setting me straight. It's small and silent, I ASSumed it was solid state.
Right now, 96 albums, about a dozen of which are hi-rez. I've got several hundred more cds which I'll keep ripping and adding as the spirit moves me. If I run into any issue as the collection grows, I'll post. 

But, so far no access issues nor any file management issues. Some annoyances like: Bill Evans, Bill Evans Trio, The Bill Evans Trio, The Bill Evans Trio at the xxx, organize as different artists, but using JRiver I could manipulate the meta data if I wanted to.