SS Amps that are NOT warm and euphonic ?

OK ... What sub $2000 ( new or used ) amps would be considered on the detailed, clear, and revealing side of things instead of warm and euphonic ? MUST be high current solid state with tight controlled bass.
Some of the Bryston models meet all of your criteria.
I agree on the Bryston. Also, most Krells.
I highly recommend you audition either Odyssey Audio Khartago or Stratos stereo amps which meets all the requirements you are looking for. You get a 30 day audition period to see what they sound like in your system. Check out the rave review of the Khartago, which J. Valin compares to a $40000.00 amp with amazing results in the september issue of the absolute sound.
You might want to try class D amps. They are clear sounding and extended with good bass response. Rotels are under $2000 and very good for the money.
Bryston and Pass X (not .5) series.
Innersound ESL-300. It is very transparent and powerful.

As others have mentioned, Bryston fits your description exactly.
Bryston is a good reco.
Well, FWIW, you are going to have to struggle to find a transistor amp that *is* warm and euphonic, but given that, that would have nothing to do with how the amplifier can deliver bass, so I would not worry about it!

You've got plenty of good suggestions so far... make sure that the speaker you plan to use is designed for transistors, if not the amplifier may have trouble making bass impact.

Good luck!
I like the McCormack amps
I have a acrcam a80 biamped with an arcam p80. they are fast and precise, but not cold. Compared to the Cary tube amp I just replaced them with, they are not warm, but moreso than brystons i just heard recently. these amps are very listenable however. for sale, if interested send me a PM.

Not warm and euphonic? Throw a stone and hit one! 99% out there in SS are the character you want... So the shorter list is to stay AWAY from these :
Mark Levinson(*most of them anyway)

Yep pretty much everything with an M'... Or anything thats normally pure Class A. They sound more relaxed, natural, and have very smooth soundstages, normally with bigger fuller bass, opposed to the laser tight, less organic sounding bass of the amps your looking for.

From the above already, yes mostly with Odyssey, Krell, Bryston you will get the harder edged SS crowd.

Buy Class D, and most A-B amps as they can fit the "Typical" SS sound.
I would pay attention to Ralph's suggestion from Atmasphere.
Another vote for Bryston
Bryston and the GamuT 200 MK1. It was so revealing they made it a little warmer in the later generations, it was made by a professional audio company for monitoring use originally.

Not SS, but...

Bel Canto Ref1000
NuForce Ref9 V2 SE
I think I know what you are after.Most SS amps seem to be a bit warm and hazy.
A lot of the early SS amps were not like this though.Later on SS amps were criticised for sounding cold so manufacturers tended to then make them sound warmer[but probably less clear and detailed].
The old Phase Linear 400 sounds very clear,open, and neutral and will drive anything.
Metaxas amps are very clean and neutral.
Gainclone amps are also excellent in this regard-but are not happy driving inneficient or 4 ohm speakers.

If you want to hear REAL clarity and neutrality have a listen to an Almarro 318B tube amp!
Try the Krell KAV series, good bass and lots of detail. I had one a few years back and it sounded nothing like the older warmer (Krell Ksa-250) that I also had at the time...I prefer warmer.

The Kav 250 may be right up you alley?

wothout an adequate definition of warm or euphonic it is impossible to suggest an amp which is warm or euphonic. unfortunatly, there are many subjective impressions of both terms. in my estimation, there are no warm or euphonic solid state amps in current production. designers attempt to minimize coloration and produce as linear a product as possible, given a price point.
ML 3. I owned one for an hour once and can still remember the experience. Wonderful bass but the highs!!
MUST be high current solid state with tight controlled bass
this is an assinine statement!
what do you mean "tight controlled bass"??? Unless you hook the amp to the speaker how do any of these members (who have recommended s.s. amps) know that you'll get tight controlled bass from YOUR speakers???
You've asked for an s.s. amp recommendation but did not tell us which speaker(s) you intend to use with it!
And, the yahoos who have recommended s.s. amps did not bother to ask you?? Just because they got "tight controlled bass" in their system does not mean you'll get the same! Your whole bloody system is different from theirs....
Isn't anybody thinking on this forum anymore?????

He has PSB Stratus Silver i speakers, he has another thread much like this one.
Thank you Sogood51 for that info. I read this entire thread & did not find his speaker info. I didn't troll the other threads in this sub-forum (too much wasted time!).
Holy crapcakes batman!

you are absolutely correct. I forgot about the Gamut. And the Mark 1 should be had for less than 2000 like suggested in the question. I have a Mark II and it is exactly that. I have not heard the latter, but based on my other amps, the Mark II is the most analytical of the bunch. The bass signature is exactly that BTW...tight and controlled. You wonÂ’t find a hint of low end lackadaisical boomatude, technically speaking that is.