SS Amps for Piega

I am interested in starting from scratch (again) after some interesting forays into British territory (Naim, Spendor, ATC, etc)

After living with a Muse Model 3 preamp for awhile (and having demo'd a pair of Muse 175 monos) I am interested in building a system with a Muse Thalia, Model 3 Sig and Model ??? mono amps. Originally I was thinking trying some ATC passive speakers, but recently I have become interested in Piegas.

Does anyone have an opinion on how a Muse powered system might sound with Piega P10s or c8ltd? Using the Model 300 monos for example?

john...the muse monos should be great with the p-10s' or c-8 ltds.they both are 4 ohm loads but the 300s' should power them nicely.i went from tenor 75 wis' to a goldmund 29m because the tenors' just didn't have enough to drive the lower bass adequately.the decision you have is whether to buy the p-10s',used, or new c-8 ltds.i have p-10s but will be upgrading to c-10 ltds fairly soon.i have heard all the new c-series and they are superb. stereophile has a review of the c-8 ltd this month that is very good. i don't entirely concur with his bass findings but that's okay.if you have the $ to get either i would probably opt for the c-8 ltds unless your room is very large.the monos should do fine with either. good luck..calloway
Thanks Calloway. I was hoping you would respond. I have read your other posts on the Piegas and it really piqued my interest.

I know you have said the C8ltd is clearly a step above the P-10s, but I am wondering for my situation whether the extra dosh for the C's is worth it. My priority is still with CD audio, but I am also going to use the system for home theatre (hence the Thalia combo DVD/CD player). Plus, I am going to be using with much lesser electronics (compared to your system), so I am thinking the P-10s may just float my boat. Well, for now anyway.

Is ~$5K a decent price for P-10s?


DEar John

I have had the p9ltd and now have the c8ltd. I run solid state and not, if you will, as high end amps as dave. I use the musical fidelity nuvista m3 integrated and the amp has worked very well with both. Well enough in fact that I have felt no desire to upgrade in the near future and have had the combo for over 3 years. I think the muse should work just fine, though I have not heard the two together.

With regards to the p-10 vs the c8ltd it depends a bit on room size, taste and of course the amount you wish to spend. I posted a preliminary review on the c8ltd about a year ago and it has just gotten better with time. The c8ltd coaxial midrange/tweeter ribbon really is glorious and while I never thought I would replace the p8ltd I can tell you all my friends had no question when we listened to the two side by side.

If you have any questions don't hesitate to drop me a note.
By the way, I always preface all of this by saying that since the time the review was posted, and long after I bought my speakers, I have become the canadian rep for piega so everything I say must be taken with a grain of salt.

Thanks all for the info on the Piegas. A dem is all that remains. I live in Texas (a severely audio-challenged state) so that may not be easy.

Merry Christmas.