SS amps as good as the classic ARC 100.2?

Browsing various "archives" I came upon many recommendations for the Audio Research 100.2, which has been discontinued some ten years. Is it still a reliable "gold standard" worth paying $$ for, or are there better modern alternatives, SS amps at least as good and within the same price class, and (perhaps) not Class A? The ARC 100.2 was $3500 (today maybe retail $5000 adjusted for inflation) and ran Class AB but was biased very high, 150W idle.

I have Bel Canto S300i Class D, First Watt F3 Class A, and Unico SE hybrid. I like them, but tubes are better....

I listen mostly to small ensemble classical (Early Music), vocal, and some jazz. The qualities I look for, and can get from tubes, are Palpability, Presence, and Pulse. I have attended a lot of live concerts often within spitting distance of the performers. I stick to realistic listening volumes and sensitive speakers so I don't think I really need all that much Power/Prat.

Any recommendations will be greatly appreciated! -- William
I cannot speak to long-term reliability but if you are looking for well-reviewed SS Class A without the enormous price tag, you might try Clayton Audio.

Or you could go for the older Forte 4 could buy 2 for 1500 or perhaps less...and monoblock. End up with upwards of 200 watts of pure Class A power. Good luck! Sounds like you've already got a good choice.
I still have my 100.2 and love it: )
Thank you both!

Anyone compared 100.2 with Parasound Halo, Spectron Musician, Unico SE etc?

Ideally I'm hoping to find a lower-bias/non-class A candidate, or one with "standby" to reduce substantially the warm-up time needed for best sound.
ss amps and tube amps sound different. there is no point in trying to emulate the sound of tubes with a ss amp.

by the way there are better ar amps to consider, like the d79.
I have a 100. 2 and also love it. Bought it when it first came out. It is very musical and drives my Maggie with ease! I have not compared it to any thing newer.