SS amp to mate with an Audio Research SP-16L

Just wanting some input into a powerful SS 2 ch amp that would mate with the SP-16L tube preamp from Audio Research. I would use this amp to also power the 2 front channels in my HT setting as well. I use a Myryad MDP500 G6 processor. Thanks for your help. Dave.
McIntosh! Look at either the 352 or the 501 monos
Depends on what speaker you are intending to use with the amp. That interface is far more important than the interface between your preamp and amp. Also give us a clue on your sound preferences and budget. With that you might get some meaningful answers.
I am using Dynaudio Contour 1.3 MK II's for my fronts. My budget is no more than 1500 USD. My musical tastes are in progressive/alternative rock, some jazz here and there, easy listening, and classical for those late nights. Thanks again guys....
I am currently using an Anthem MCA 2 II with Kimber 8TC speaker cable.
I use a Muscial Fidelity A308 amplifier with my AR LS16 MKII preamp connected by Transparent Ultra interconnects. Speakers are power hungry Maggie 3.6's with Transparent Super speaker cable............listen to classic rock primarily...........find the sound warm, open, inviting, "live" with abundant kick........MF has a 3.2 line that would also be in your price that is quite good........the 308 runs a little bit more than what you want to pay, but might find it here in that range......
Well there are quite a number to consider - my favorites, which can be obtained in your price range are used models. I am very partial to Threshold SA3's - a pure class A amp that while it is only 50wts it can handle tough impedences that can be presented by Dynaudio products. Its a very neutral amp without grain or etched highs. I used it very successfully with Theils before I discovered Tubes. My next choice would be the Muse Amps - models 160, 175 or 300 (I'm a tube nut and while not tubish in any real way the Muse are very detailed and err a tad on the warm side, they have excellent bass and current delivery - they should match well with the Dynaudios. I use the 100 model as my summer amp for casual listening to avoid excess heat and I really don't miss the tube amps UNTIL I TURN THEM BACK ON).

Wonderful suggestions! My 2ch/HT time spent is 75/25 respectively. Don't forget,any suggested amp needs to rise to the occasion of Home theatre as well as 2 channel. I use the bypass on my preamp. THanks again. Dave. I'm probably need an amp that can handle 150 wpc into 8 ohm load.
Canucks0- Long time 'goners know that for ss, I am a big fan of SMC-modded McCormacks. At $1500, you should be able to find a Level A or B+ moded DNA 1 @ 185 wpc, or an A+ 0.5 if you can get by at 100 wpc. Hard to imagine a better amp for the $, IM).
Canucks0- Have you thought about trying an Audio Research 100.2. This model was just recently discontinued. You can usually find one used for about $1800. This amp has long been considered the best solid state that audio research has ever produced. Many consider it to be the best out there under $5000. I think the synergy between your preamp and the 100.2 would be a great match. Just my 2 cents. Best-Gary