SS amp to match with deHavilland UltraVerve

I have owned the UltraVere for a week and will use the stock tubes until the pre has had a chance to break in. Out of the box, this preamp has far, far exceeded my expectations. I am using Focus Audio FS 688 monitors (85db) and Naim CD player and Flat Cap. I currently have a Proceed HPA2 (250WPC) and Acoustic Zen interconnects and Satori cable. I wanted to ask for recommendations on a compatible SS amp. I would like to keep the price no higher than @ $4500 and will buy new or used. My short list is GamuT MK3, Pass Labs, and Blue Circle Audio. The deHavilland owners manual says the 'high gain' configuration verve is intended for power amps with less than 1v RMS sensitivity, so I like the feature of the GamuT where sensitivity can be selected. How important is matching your pre's sensitivity to an amp? I'm in an area where I can not demo a lot of equipment. Your thoughts and recommendations on these and any other amps are much appreciated!
So far, as an owner of the DeHavilland UltraVerve, I've had great luck with both, a Plinius SA-102 and an Ayre V-5X. Both wonderful SS amps, with different topologies and sonics. If you're after a tubier sounding SS amp then the V-5X is a good choice. If you're after a slightly faster amp, with better "slam", then the Plinius will work for you.
Thank you 1markr..I just talked to Kara at deHavilland and wanted to clarify what I wrote above..The pre-amp that was shipped to me was the 'standard gain' pre-amp, not the high gain configuration, so matching to a SS amp should be no problem. Would like to hear from anyone else who has used the dehavilland with a SS amp that you liked. This is the first tube gear I've owned and my only regret is that I didn't do it sooner. Kara is a wonderful person to talk to and the build quality of this preamp is outstanding. It sounds better every day--can't wait to try the upgraded tubes!
Wait to you try some NOS 6SN7s with it. Many good possibilities. I'm currently happily running it with an RCA grey glass VT-231 (Dick Osher of nailed it on the head with that one!) with great results.
I am using the deHavilland Mercury with the GamuT D-100 Mk3 which is an absolutely wonderful combination (at the lower sensitivity setting). Whether the UltraVerve would be similar I do not know.
I am using the deHavilland Ultraverve with a Bryston 14bsst and the sound, for my listening taste, is spectacular. I did replace the Utraverve's stock (electro harmonix)6sn7 tube with a vintage Sylvania GTA which is one of the tubes that Kara recommends in the Ultraverve's owner guide. The bass punch and depth is something to behold. I also use my Wadia 302 through the preamp. Besides being musical and detailed, the sound produced by this combo seems real and very non-fatiguing...I can listen for hours.