SS Amp suggestions

I am considering the acquisition of another amp.  I am currently alternating between an older Krell (KSA 250) and a Coda S100 to power the Duntech Princess or the MBL 111F.  Either amp is fed by an AR Ref 3 using balanced interconnects.  This may be something I pursue; I am looking for "food for thought".  I was thinking of a newer model Krell (FPB 600), the Halcro DM38, Plinius, or something from T+A..?  I prefer Class A and am not interested in Class D amplification (at all), or anything integrated.  The price needs to stay under $12K.  Suggestions Please. 

Thank you in advance,
Hmm, with those speakers you are going to need some serious power.
I, too, am looking at a pair of MBL 111's, never listened to the Duntech, but they look nice.
Pass Labs would be my first choice.
On a budget, maybe McCormack DNA-1's with SMc Audio upgrades.
I am recently impressed by Bakoon SS amps. I think that they are class A and within your price range. 
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If you can find an old set of Krell KMA 200s and do not mind rebuilding them then you are in business assuming you can find them. Other than that you are talking about amps like the Pass XA 200.5 or .8 which will cost you much more money. You need at least 200 watts per channel and in class A you are talking serious money.
+1 @gdnrbob Once you have an SMc Audio amp. the only thing left is the music!🎼
I agree that you should explore the Pass line of amps. Some of their dealers will let you have a free in home trial.
You might want to check out the PS Audio BHK 300 mono amps.  They are surprisingly good, IME, and they can likely drive your speakers fine.  They are AB, but with a higher A bias.  I used to run a Reference Line Preeminence One amp that was 100W true class A, so I know the appeal (but, man, the heat!).  These BHK amps are seriously musical and revealing at the same time, bring you to the emotion of the music. 

They are hybrid amps, with 6922 input tubes and MOSFET outputs.  My comments are based upon them driving TAD CR-1's, for point of reference.
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@johnto - I have considered a Pass 250.5/8.   I own two Pass amps (Aleph 3 & 5) I use to power my JBL speakers (L-250, 4343, 4430, & a pair of Everest DD5500); are their sonic similarities between the older Pass gear and newer?
@jbrrp1 - My dealer has some PS Audio available for audition, I will look into that option. 
@Soix - The Clayton amp looks interesting, I will research it.

Thank you all.