SS Amp Recommendations?

I need a newer amp and recommendations are appreciated. The parameters are these:

Used, but new as possible.

100 watts minimum, 2 channel. I have built my own speakers.

$500 maximum. This figure is due to our rotten economy and my tight fisted, Yankee cheapness. You can never tell what the future may bring with our bonkers economy. Money is an issue even with this hobby.

The music I listen to: All Rock (no G.D. rap!) , jazz, classical. Heavy emphasis on Frank Zappa, Jeff Beck, Pink Floyd, Al DiMeola you get the picture.

Again, I appreciate any comments even on my cheapness or choice in music too!
Money an issue in this hobby? Good luck for 500.00 Try Carver
Simaudio Celeste,Aragon,Muse,Bedini 100,CJ MF80.
If the dollars could be stretched:Oddyssey,Bel Canto,McCormack DNA .5/1.
I can sale you my Bryston 2B for $500.
Belles 150-prefer this one to the following OCM series.
I feel that one subject should be brought to light:if these older designs need servicing due to ageing/failing components,then you will have easily made the jump to the slightly more expensive "newer" designs.
Spend your money wisely.
Try to find an old Crown D300 ...If you can find one in good condition it will definatly play rock very well..
Emotiva UPA-2 ??

I know virtually nothing about this company other than they advertise in Tone Audio, I was curious and visited their web site.

Since they sell direct, I would assume you could try one out...and send it back if not to your liking.
There are two very good amps out here now, that are much less than $500.00 Someone has a "micro integrated drive" from McCormack and the other is a Musical Concepts modified B&K ST140 (around 100wpc) - this was a classic recommended amplifier in Stereophile for over 10 years - that one is listed for around $200.00 - The McCormack is only 50 wpc but is class A, and sounds warm like tubes - Best luck
Maybe in this rotten economy someone will sell you a McCormack DNA 0.5 for around $500. It'll have some years on it but they've proven to be a pretty reliable/robust design, and resale is good. Mine's over 10 yrs old and the only thing I've done is change a couple fuses. Best of luck.
If you can get a McCormack amp-do it. Otherwise look at B&K ST140 ($200-250 used). Also consider Musical Fidelity.
NAD C270 or C272 are newer possible choices. McCormack would be better, B&K at least as good as NAD. If you need an integrated amp at that price point, then the large NAD C370 or C372 could work.

In addition to Carver, Parasound and Hafler are some other brands that are viable choices available today at well under $500. Be aware that older electronics are a stop gap measure that may or may not provide long years of service as noted above.

See here to get general idea of market for inexpensive used amps, at least in Seattle area:
Since your speakers are self built;do you need a min amount of power to acheive the sound levels you like or do you need massive wattage;what would your min amp power be?
Sorry I missed the 100 watt min spec
How about that bedini 100+100 for $500.00?
The Belles 150A is going to be about as good as you can get for $500 used and is musical as heck. I also agree with the McCormack recommendation. Both are superb amp for the $ and will rock your world.
If you can stretch your budget just a bit, this is a great little 115 watt (8 ohm) amp that is on the 2009 TAS Recommended Components list. I heard this amp (with some upgrade options) at my brother-in law's house this summer. It really is a great sounding amp that has garnered some very impressive reviews. It's got to be a veritable steal at only $800.00 (new)....
Ok I have your answer and it is the Applied Research Technology SLA2 amp. You can buy them for under $300 new and they offer 200 watts per channel.

This amp will greatly please you for the money. True high end sound.

Get a decent power cord from Signal and some decent footers and your done!!

I have compared the SLA1, which is 100 watts, to several used, big name and $$ amps and the SLA bettered some and was never embarrased.

Look on Ebay for the SLA1 or the SLA2.

Balanced and 1/4" outs only. Just get 1/4" to rca adaptors at Rat Shack for $5 each. They work great if you dont have xlr pre outs.

Turn the volume pots all the way up to bypass them and use your own preamp.
Don't rule out an Adcom 555. Lots of them on the used market and they have decent power and sound for the money.
How about Aragon 2004? Usually sells for less than $500.00 here on Audiogon.
So many responses! Thanks guys, learned alot. In this little hobby, the learning curve never ends.
The Aragon is rugged,and may do a good job for you.
Check out the Forte Model 3--great amp for three times the price--couple are currently listed on AGON