SS amp rec. for driving Wilson Sophia??

First off my W/Sophias will never get pushed. I live in an apt. I get so annoyed when Swat shows up and asks for me to un-crank. I have a Belles 150a hr version. I was thinking of the Belles 350a ref;cause I like the little Belles. Then I was reading an ad for the Ayre 5vx; (even cheaper) Ayre stuff run hot?? My dealer rec. McCormack but there isn't even one in the used ads. I'm probably looking for a stereo amp that does everything right for my speakers/ costs 12k new and sells for 3k,used-- sure--- George
All the amps above are good performance/price ratio. And I've tried all of them except the Ayre 5vx. I had a pair of Belles 150A Reference Monoblock, McCormack DNA-500 and now have a pair of Parasound JC-1 monoblocks and a pair of Belles 350A Reference monoblocks. As good as the Belles 150A HR, the reference is another league especially the 350A Ref. Check out their web-site and see what the former retired dealer rave about the 350A ref.

Thanks, Schang. It's funny how reviewers pair "this" amp with "that" speaker. I did read the review of the Newforce 10lb'er. They paired it with puppy 6's--Go figure a 1k amp with 20k speakers??? Gotta be an odor of Denmark there.---or maybe not; I wasn't there. Just today 2 McCormack amps 4sale.The pictures of the 2 look like it went into a grinder/ disposal, before being offered 4sale. BTW; I read that linc along with the 150a,Ref ad that just sold and that is what turned me t'ward the 350---.Also I see I got the Ayre model # confused I think it's V5x.