ss amp ideas for tube pre and paradigm studio 100s


I am, I hope, nearing the end of my quest for a 2-channel music-only system I can be real happy with for several years to come. A cornerstone of my system is my pair of Paradigm Studio Monitor 100s, V3. I am expecting to soon be in possession of a Primaluna Prologue Three tube preamp.

I am hoping to hear from some of you as to a good solid state amp recommendation for this setup. I currently have an Outlaw Audio RR2150 integrated and use it with a Technics 1210M5G (with an AT150MLX cartrdige) and and an Onkyo DX-7555 CD player.

I only recently turned back to vinyl and have come to the conclusion that I prefer analog to digital. As such, I am looking to get the tube preamp, and have begun selling off a good portion of my cd collection and putting my money into high quality vinyl pressing of my favorite recordings. In the category of favorites would be The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, offerings from STAX and Motown, The Who, Nirvana, Pavement, Beck and The White Stripes.

One problem I have encountered is clipping at the 2:30-3:00 position, only when I listen to certain albums. As the Paradigms take a lot of juice, I am pointing the finger at the Outlaw (granted, I don't regularly feel the need to blast music, but when that notion does strike me I would like to be able to do so without clipping).

I have a budget of $700 for a used amp. Something like an Odyssey Stratos seems like it might work, but I wonder if it would have enough drive and would afford headroom with the Paradigms. I have also thought about an old Bryston 4B (the SST model is out of my budget) and an Emotiva XPA-2. I defer to the experience of others in this regard, and would welcome any comments/suggestions!


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Most of amps have max power at 1:00-2:00 position. If it clips you need stronger amp otherwise it might damage tweeters.
I use my Outlaw 2150 driving Maggie MMg with the Onkyo Cd player and it never clips. I would think the problem is the tube preamp doesnt like the Outlaw and there is a mmismatch causing the problem