SS. amp. for vandersteen 3A-signatures

I am looking for a SS. amp. to drive a pair of Vandersteen 3a-signatures, and also go well with a Aesthetix Calypso pre amp. Trying to stay in a price range no more then $2000. Any help would be appreciated.

Thank You

I drive my 2ce signatures with TAD125 monos from Bizzy Bee and l;ater this week I will be getting my 3a Signatures which will go in this system. The monos do a great job in just about all areas. They go for around $1300.
do yourself and buy you a bryston 4b amp..i powered my 3 and 2 signatures with one and loved it and they love the power and control
Ayre and Vandersteen have a lot of synergy.
I know the Parasound A21 would fit your needs. I have not heard it personaly but have listened to the JC1s. I have heard it is pretty good. Maybe someone who has listened to the A21 can chime in.
Steve McCormack uses Vandersteen 3A Signatures in his reference system, so Unsound's suggestion is excellent.
I will also second or 3rd the McCormack suggestions as well as the Ayre.

I've heard both with Vandersteen and both sounded very good!
Hasn't Vandy been traditionally mated with Audio Research?

My brother drives his 3A Sigs with an AR 100.2 solid state amp and loves it. The only thing he'd say he might do is add another at some point.

But, I see ARC has the SD & HD series SS amps now and they could be a substantial step up from that decades old design.
Belles Ref amps work great on the 3A.
I have the A21 paired up with the 3A sigs. and I like it very much. I have not compared it to other amps so I can not say if something is better. I can say it works and sounds good in my system.
Set up my new 3A Signatures that I bought from a fellow a-goner. The TAD-125 monos work wonderful at $1300 for a pair. i believe that RussB had a max of 2000.
Thanks everyone for the great information. I need now to make a decision.