SS amp for Merlin VSMs?

Is there anyone who has found an SS amp that they prefer to tube amps with their Merlins? I have most recently owned CAT JL2, Atma-spehre M-60, Music Reference RM9 Special Edition and RM10MKII, Quicksilver V4s, and the Ars Sonum integrated (In each and everyone sound terrific with the Merlins). For SS, I did try Pass XA30.5 and First Watt Aleph J, but did not prefer them to my tube amps (I now use Music Reference RM10s - summer; and the Atma-spehere M60s the rest of the year).

So, any great SS sucess stories with the Merlins up against the kind of tube gear I have owned? Or is that just a elusive chase?
If it we available for 3-4K sold direct, I would definitely give it a try, or a used ZH270, but $8,500 for a 30 watt Class Amp in one chassis? Could not get over the value proposition there, must be priced to sell as many unit as he can make, a few a year.
Well as you maybe recall, i pondered between the Atmas and the berning. glad i opted for Berning..
Just wondering if you have created a short list of amps that you come to the conclusion are in the consideration.
I just recieved my mme's and have used simaudio w-5 for the earlier vsm's so I will see how they work together but I too am open to suggestions. I wish my atma's would have been fixed by now my tech guy is changing them to something else and I am letting him, why? I don't know but it may come back better, if not I'll buy another pair and eat the loss.
Hi Pedrillo. I have concluded that while the idea of SS
appeals to me, I will not ever enjoy them as mych as good
tube amps, the latest having been the CAT JL2, Music
Reference RM9, and Atma-sphere M60s. I suspect your Simaudio
will be a very good match. The amp I think would work best,
based on convrsations with Bobby is the BEL1001 amps (he
also recommends the MAC amps with autoformers), but
unfortunately very hard to find now with the passing away of
Richard Brown. The Pass XA30.5 also sound very, very good,
but then I would switch to the Atma-sphere amps, and the
game was over. I think I'm stuck with tubes:)
Edge NL10 which sells used for just over $3000. There is a richness and detail in the sound that the Berning ZH270 just doesn't have.