SS Amp for Focus 260s

I'm currently powering my Focus 260s with an Anthem MRX700. The sound is a little flat and hoping to increase the soundstage and separation by introducing a dedicated amp.

From what I've read, NAD (eg. C275) or Wyred4Sound (ST-250) systems may be good options. I'm wondering if
a - has anyone compared these directly on Dyns?
b - any other recommendations in the amps department?
Are you keeping your Anthem as a pre amp? What is your budget? Would you buy used? Have you considered going to a tubed integrated amp?
Yes - keeping Anthem as Pre.
Budget is in $1500 range. Would buy used.
Considered going tube, but not experienced in what and have heard concerns about maintenance with tubes
I just went from a Musical Fidelity 3.2A integrated amp, to a Jolida 502brc int amp (tubes). I really like to tube amp but the ss did sound great too, and provides years of trouble free worry.

I owned McCormack electronics and really liked them too. The DNA .5 or 1 and the ADL pre amp are within budget (and maybe other models) and very musical and very 3 dimensional. Steve McC is still around to perform upgrades and advise and is a nice guy too.