SS amp for Audio Research LS-16 pre-amp

I'm leaving HT and going back to stereo. I have an Audio Research LS-16 (tubes) pre-amp, Audio Research CD-2, NHT 2.5i speakers, with JPS Superconductor speaker cable and JPS Superconductor II interconnects. I'm looking for a solid state amp. I've been looking at used Bryston 3B-St or 4B-ST. Any other suggestions? Also recommendations for balanced cables?
I might suggest a BAT VK-200 amp and Kimber interconnects.
Try a used Ayre V3 you can most likely find one used for around $1800-2000. I prefer the V3 to the Krell or Levinson. I compared it to a Krell KSA 100S and the Levinson 331. New the V3 goes for $3800. Just make sure you get one with the first upgrade. Best of luck.