SS amp and tube preamp combo for Martin Logan Sl-3

Can you guys/gals give me any suggestions on a SS amp and tube preamp for the M.L. SL-3's? I've been thinking of the Bryston 4bst and a Rogue 66. My musical tastes tend toward rock, jazz and some R&B. My current setup is a Parasound HCA-1500a with Audio Research LS-3 preamp. The sound I have gets a bit harsh sounding in the highs but I love the detail so I'm definately looking to tame the harshness while preserving as much detail and dynamics as possible. I would even consider a SS amp and SS preamp combo as well if it would get rid of the harshness. Thanks for the suggestions.
I'm using a McCormack DNA 1/B with a SS pre - McIntosh C38 - to drive my SL3s. I have all the detail I can hear and no harshness. YMMV,
Try getting your hands on a CONRAD JOHNSON tube preamp,it should tame the highs a bit,but will still sound lush,Bryston is a very good choice for S/S amp,or you can stay with the Parasound until you can scrape up some loot to get the Bryston.Try finding the Premier 3 or the PV-5 preamp.Cheers and good luck.
I use a Meridian 557 200 watt amp and a Meridian 502 solid state Pre-amp on my SL3's. Very warm indeed. The power cords of Electraglide have tamed all of the highs with the warmness of the British Meridian components.Steve
When I owned a pair of Acoustat spectra hybrids (similar design to your ML's) I had a 4B-ST and found that the addition of a Rogue 66 was the ticket. Now I'm not saying the Rogue is the end all but its a very nice tube preamp for the money!
I would recommend a Rogue 99 or other tube preamp using 6SN7 tubes rather than 6DJ8/6922s. The 6SN7-based preamps I have tried are generally less "bright" than 6922-based units in my experience (I know it's a blanket statement, but I did say "generally"). Having used both the Rogue 66 and 99 preamps with electrostatic speakers, I would personally lean toward the 99. You may lose a little high frequency detail, but you will make it up in increased dynamics and freedom from harshness. I see this as an acceptable trade-off, though others may disagree.

If detail and lack of harshness is really your goal then you can't do much better than the solid state InnerSound line stage. It is less harsh than many tube preamps, better-balanced, more detailed and quieter too.
I would second Plato on the Innersound preamp, one of the few solid state preamps I could live with. And their amps are terrific for stats, even their competitors'.
I also would have to say the Innersound ESL amp. Best performance-per-dollar. Smooth, musical;, NEVER hard or harsh w/TONS of gain.
Its interesting that I came across this thread. I was having the exact same dilemma with my present solid state gear driving SL3"s. I just couldn't stand the harsh and brightness of the panels. A few weeks ago, I went to my local audio store (4 hour drive) and auditioned various equipment driving ML ESL's comparable with my SL3's. After listening to solid state, tube, and solid state/tube combinations, it was evident that a tube pre with a solid state amp was the best of both worlds. I ended up buying the BAT vk200 SS amp and a BAT vk30 tube pre.