SS 2 Channel Amp Rating

I would like ratings from experienced audiogoners in regards to the 2 channel solid state amps listed below. I am now driving Manepan 1.6QR's with an Anthem MCA 20. Ratings should be with these speakers in mind. BTW, does anyone know what amp current delivery of my MCA 20 is?

- Odyssey Stratos Extreme
- Ayre V-3 with all upgrades to date
- McCormack DNA 225
- Anthem MCA 20
- PS Audio HCA 2

Thanks to all in advance.
Add Bel Canto EVO 200.2 to the list also.
You should also consider the Plinius SA102 power amp.
A friend of mine has the SA102 and drives his 16s with great results...a very good combination. Quite a smooth, but refined sounding amp. Good luck.