SRA Silent Running Audio vs Critical Mass System

I want to know if somebody ever had the chance to compare those two isolation devices specially under amplifier (Lamm as exemple)?
Both are expensive SRA is 850$ for each amp and CMS is 1800$ for each amp and i am talking of the basic line ...
CMS seem to be a new player who replace SRA as a partner with Lamm Industries.
Also the technological approach seem to be different ?
So is this worth the money for a 15% of sonic gain???
Lookee here, and here, you'll be glad you did.

I haven't done any comparisons to the two products you've mentioned other than pricing.
So i might uderstand this is VOODOO or snake oil
I cannot speak for Wellfed, but I'm pretty sure he did not mean that the products you mention are snake oil. He is just pointing out two more products, which will probably serve you just as well at much lesser cost. At least I would understand it that way.
I have ordered two SRA products for under my Atma MA2MkIIIs monos, as recommended by Ralph Karsten and he is certainly one of the good guys in the industry and I trust his word.
Wellfed is a renowned and esteemed poster here and I suspect his "recommendation" was tongue in cheek given the well known name of the company offering the amp spring stand.
Well Larry, perhaps I'm naive, however in that case all the exhibitors at the last CES, who used the SRA devices must be members of the same club as well as quite a number of reviewers who liked them. On the other hand I agree with you now, considering that " name of the company " etc. that Wellfed made his remark tongue in cheek. I "know" him well and like and respect his posts. We started off on Audiogon at more or less the same time. Obviously in this case, we have to agree to disagree as far as the SRA stuff is concerned. I've done a lot of research before I ordered them and I do hope, that this time he is wrong and I am right. We'll see or rather hear and I'll post again, once I've set them up and listened and I promise to try to not to be too biased, because what I've spent money on must be good, musn't it..(;
Best advice I can give, when possible, use your ears. When that's not possible, take the advice of someone you trust, someone like Ralph Karsten for instance. BTW, thanks for the compliment Detlof, I've always had high regard for you and your posts as well. Your moniker alone brings back memories of a very pleasant era.

It's too bad many people associate Machina Dynamica with snake oil, people are missing out on a LOT, not just a little, a lot, of extra performance because they do. Try out their Codename Turquoise product if you have trouble believing me. It's cheap, $59, weighs little (inexpensive shipping), and comes with the Machina Dynamica's usual 30 day satisfaction guaranty. It's a good introduction to that company's offerings.
Can you describe te "before/after" sonics with the Turqouise?
It's been quite some time since I installed the stuff, but the most memorable thing for me was how authoritative things sounded after the upgrade. More body, more intensity. Not at all subtle in my experience. In fact, this is what I wrote to a fellow enthusiast on the subject way back when.

Crazy as it may sound; Codename Turquoise has given me my largest gain EVER in system resolution. The effect has proved extraordinarily potent in my setup which consists of a lightly modified Pioneer DV-47Ai DVD player, used as a transport, feeding an external DAC.

I am aware of, at most, two people that didn't care for the result in their system. Your odds of achieving a tremendous performance boost are great IMO. This product is easily the cost-to-benefit champion of all time.
I just listened to a pair of Atma-sphere MA-1's on SRA VR3.0 stands and was amazed at the difference they made. Although it is hard to equate the improvements in terms of percentages, I would say it is well above a 15%gain.
Rhythmace, true, all gets more "quiet" doesn't it and lets the music get through much less impeded by tiny artifacts, foreign to music per se.
Detlof, it is amazing how we as audiophiles become accustomed to those artifacts that don't belong, however until something comes along that greatly diminishes them i.e SRA stands, we don't realize the full extent of how detrimental they really are. I'll be buying a pair for my Atma-sphere's.