SRA Isolation Platform under a Turntable

Has anyone used a SRA iso platform under their turntable? I have heard that amps and preamp benefit greatly from the SRA iso bases, but do turntables reap the same benefits, or are the improvements smaller?

I am using the VR 3.0 bases under my preamp and amp. This is one of the best upgrades I have ever done, but the cost to put one under my VPI Aries 2 Extended TT is pretty high, so I would like to get some opinions.
Yes! I ordered an SRA VR3.0 for my Nottingham spacedeck and love it. I did try my nottingham with stillpoints and got increased detail that at times was a bit bright and fatigueing. I tried a maple butcher block, did improve over the standard "plinth" but did not have the detail of the still points. I got the SRA, which was made specifically for the nottingham spacedeck, and I got all the detail and more, increased base, much tighter, no fatigue, and bigger deeper soundstage. I like it a bunch. Highly recommended.
An SRA base under your turntable will likely be an instantly audible improvement!
The SRA bases under any audio component will make a clear difference and audible improvement as described above.
I think it would definitely be an improvement. VPI tables especially benefit from good isolation. I looked into SRA when I wanted more inert isolation for my Super Scoutmaster with rim drive but the line of communication broke down and I ended up going with a platform from Critical Mass Systems(the Master). I'm sure the results are quite simialar to what you'd get with the SRA. Compared to bare maple the CM base allows detail to come through but without the tendency for occasional edginess. Compared to a Gingko base(which is also very good) I notice less bloat in lower frequecies. In short, the whole presentation seems more tonally balanced with higher listening levels being less fatiguing which I always take as a good sign I'm on the right track. The SRA product seems like a good one. I think I hit them at a bad time and they just weren't answering my e-mails. I also can unconditionally reccomend Critical Mass. Joe is one of the good guys in audio and he'll make sure you're satisfied.
How expensive is a SRA or a Critical Mass platform and is it worth it (sonically not in $ terms) in a specialist audio rack? Have one of those incredibly heavy all acrylic/ stainless steel racks that are OEM for the MBL range from Germany.
I can't say how much improvement it would offer in your case because I'm not familiar with your rack. In general though, I would say these platforms offer much more complete isoloation and vibration drainage than even a very good rack. Good isolation is not something that will blow you away with the changes you notice. It allows your table to do it's job more effectively without interference from vibration which I think evens out the tonal balance. If you find it jaw dropping or exciting beware-it's probably adding something to the picture that shouldn't be there.
With my rig the tonal balance did not need to be evened out, because it was there from the start. What the SRAs did was to open up the soundstage, give a tad more speed to dynamics, added slightly more air around instruments and rendered the entire musical presentation more natural and more "quiet".
To my ears, to answer Sunnyboy's question, adding them to my system was worth every penny.
Any idea what the SRA costs ?
More natural and more quiet. That's what I'm talking about. You may have had good tonal balance from the start but it sounds to me like the SRA improved it further.
The price I was quoted form Silent Running Audio for my VPI Aires 2 Extended (keep in mind this is a very large TT at 384 sq. inches) was $910 including shipping.
Symposium Ultra works well and can be used anywere!
I have a Symposium Super platform and 3 Rollerball Jrs. under my VPI SSM which have made a very worthwhile improvement (especially the Rollerballs!!)
I was planning on going with an SRA stand under my Raven One. Highwater Sound even sells a custom SRA stand just for the Raven One, with appropriate shape conforming to the R1 so an external motor can be used if desired.

I lucked into a Halcyonics active platform, so with any luck I should have that up and running sometime next year. I can't wait to hear what an isolated Raven sounds like - I may never heave home.
I had an extra large SRA VR platform made for my Galibier Gavia (90 lb table) (see my sytem photos)

I also have SRA vr platforms under my amp, pre and cd
they made a great difference and really took the stress out of the components and let them sing

highly recommended
Hello all I was observing another insightful discussion regarding the Galibier line of tables,which peaked my interest,.... I have a question for you Galibier owners out there.While parusing the Galibier site I've noticed that the Anvil has been dicontinued,what was the reasoning behind that? has it been replaced with anything else? Rather than bother Thom I thought I'd see what the "word on the street" was.
thanks and keep up the discusion
I have an early Redpoint Testa Rosa TT with the latest Galbier TPI platter. I am using an HRS record weight rather than the anvil. I liked the anvil on the teflon platter but not as much with the graphite TPI. I cannot say why has been discontinued. As far as a base I am using a passive Vibraplane which works very well. I have though been evaluating other options as the Vibraplane weighs 140lbs and is difficult to move around. Audiotomb, do you find the textured SRA VR base good to keep the motor pod from sliding? This is a concern I may have with their smoother surfaced Ohio class bases.
didn't see an answer on the anvil question so I started a thread over on the galibier board

dmailer - I've heard the vibraplane is some pretty intense isolation gear also

my pod doesn't slide on the VR base
Kevin could probably even work a surface for you
I would also look into an SRA craz rack with the table on the top
Hi all,

Dmailer's and Audiotomb's observations are consistent with 98% of owners who have converted from the older Teflon topped platters to the graphite/TPI series.

The graphite top renders the Anvil as being too much of a good thing (damping).

The Anvil still works nicely with the Serac platter. It was my hope that trade-ins would fulfill Serac demand, but folks seem to be reluctant to turn theirs in.

I should probably fire up a batch of Anvils for Serac platter owners.

I've pondered working on a new clamp or weight for use with the TPI platter, but frankly, I've gotten so spoiled by removing this element of the record playing ritual from my routine that I've had difficulty convincing myself to do so.

Thom @ Galibier
Thanks all for your help.and thanks Thom that clears it up.
Does the SRA isolate against all freefall / seismic feedback?

I own a TW Raven AC-3 and suffer from some of this.

My Symposium Ultra is absolutely useless in isolating any turntable.
I have not tried the SRA Platform, but I do have my turtable on a rack on a suspended wooden floor. I installed two lolli-columns (steel tubes filled with concrete) in the basement one directly under each front corner of my rack. My kids can now dance within feet of my rack while I play LPs and there is absolutely NO effect on record skipping etc. The isolation seems complete. I use the Mappleshade brass-footers, 4" maple block and cork/rubber pads to effectively drain vibrations from the table. It's a big improvement over the SME 10 supplied feet. The sound gained focus, clarity and impact.