SR XOT Transducer ?


Have any of tried the SR XOTs and how are they different than EVS Ground enhancers, which are substantially cheaper?

68pete, (Thanks Rodman, you are correct) but if 68Pete, if you're talking to me. Take a look at my ''System'' button next to my ''joeyboynj'' name. Click on the first system listed. (DJ, please don't stop the music" It has my entire 2-chanel system listed. The other link is my cheaper HT system. so don't go there for your question. The first like will probably have way too much information you will ever want to know. Thanks....LOL :-)
Wig: the EVS Ground Enhancers are totally different than the XOT transducers. Work and sound differently. Remember also that the XOT's will have a significant effect right out of the box, but will not achieve their final sound for 75+ hours of use. Worth the effort to try them in your system.
Well I got my XOTs a couple of days ago. My stereo system does not compare to the above listed(post). I started out with a home theater and moved to 2 channel system in the home theater.
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The XOTs right out of the boxes sounded very good on red book CD-Base was tighter -back around vocals where more noticeable it just sounded better all around. On SACDs there was a change but not like on red book CDs the sound on SACds was different not bad not great just different. I was told the XOT need about 75 hours on them mine have about 20 hours. So yes I would recommend them for a try.
So far they are worth the money.