SR XOT Transducer ?


Have any of tried the SR XOTs and how are they different than EVS Ground enhancers, which are substantially cheaper?

Hi Wig,

I asked the same question on the "Synergistic Research - NEW Element Cables" forum tread here. So maybe we will get an answer there as well.

I am looking for anyone of our S.R. fans to give us some updates on how they like these, any tips in installing them and what positive changes these bring to their systems.

Plus your question on how these compare to EVS Ground enhancers.

From the description, they may be Zoebel networks...
I'm getting a pair tomorrow. I review in a few days. I heard these are amazing and won 3rd place in most significant product introduced in 2014 by The absolute Sound!!!
I got the XOT's today. Simply stunning right out of the box! WOW! More to come...

Are you using the XOT in conjunction with the EVS Ground enhancers?

Nope, just XOT's only!!!
Can you give us a little more info? What speaker's do you have? What speaker cables do you use? What is the wow factor you liked?
thanks Pete
I installed a set of Synergistic Research's XOT's in my system. One word...Incredible! Soundstage more liquid, transients just flow like water. The black background is stunning. These just makes the stereo sound so much more real. Top to bottom. Like I'm at the event itself. What a surprise. These are amazing!!!!
Can you tell us more about your system?
I have a loaner pair coming to try in conjunction with my EVS; hopefully, my experience will be similar to yours...
He has a comprehensive list of his gear on his, 'system' page.
68pete, (Thanks Rodman, you are correct) but if 68Pete, if you're talking to me. Take a look at my ''System'' button next to my ''joeyboynj'' name. Click on the first system listed. (DJ, please don't stop the music" It has my entire 2-chanel system listed. The other link is my cheaper HT system. so don't go there for your question. The first like will probably have way too much information you will ever want to know. Thanks....LOL :-)
Wig: the EVS Ground Enhancers are totally different than the XOT transducers. Work and sound differently. Remember also that the XOT's will have a significant effect right out of the box, but will not achieve their final sound for 75+ hours of use. Worth the effort to try them in your system.
Well I got my XOTs a couple of days ago. My stereo system does not compare to the above listed(post). I started out with a home theater and moved to 2 channel system in the home theater.
Mark Levinson 335 amp
[email protected] Matrixs 800 speakers for the left and right
Transparent reference (newer mm2)speaker cable
Modd oppo 95 (UP Grade Co.)
Modd Onyko 5508 ( Up Grade Co.)
Transparent Reference xlr (newer mm2) Between Oppo and Onkyo
Time Portal Reference xlr from Onyko and 335 amp
Psaudio P10 and a Psaudio Power base
The XOTs right out of the boxes sounded very good on red book CD-Base was tighter -back around vocals where more noticeable it just sounded better all around. On SACDs there was a change but not like on red book CDs the sound on SACds was different not bad not great just different. I was told the XOT need about 75 hours on them mine have about 20 hours. So yes I would recommend them for a try.
So far they are worth the money.
Hi Wig. Did you ever get the "loaner pair" of XOTs to evaluate?

I evaluated them in my system but didn't like what they did; cleaner sound stripped out musicality...

I am finding something similar out of the box -- cleaner but less musical. Does the "cleanness" mellow after 75 hours? Anyone with experience here?

I just followed the advice of a poster on another thread. I have put the XOTs inside copper sleeves. Night and day. SR should recommend this to XOT customers -- or even supply them with the XOTs. I would have given up on them without the copper sleeves.
Sabai, You've got to explain this more...
How do you attaché them?
What size copper sleeve?

I am using an oversize copper sleeve. They are sitting on a table behind the speakers. I use copper sleeves throughout my system on IECs and ICs. But even with the copper sleeves the XOTs are a no-show in my system. This is probably because I am using so many Bybee products from amp to speakers. I am sure the XOTs work for many people who don't have a similar set-up. I will be putting my XOTs on offer soon.
The copper sleeves do seem to increase resolution. Nice call Sabai.

Glad you find the same. I have ordered smaller diameter sleeves to cover more territory. I hope they improve SQ even more.
I was thinking of getting a piece of 1" copper pipe and cut to size and put end caps on them.
Still not quite sure if I like the XOT sitting on props to keep the copper on. So, I'm still thinking of a better way to attach them.
Copper sleeves. What's the theory, McQuery?

The XOTs were a no-show in my system. They sucked the life out of the music. I imagine this is because I have so much going on between my amp and speakers -- 2 levels of Bybee purifiers and a double dose of Bybee GG speaker bullets. I will be selling off the XOTs.

A 1" copper sleeve with a copper cap would do fine. Any play between the XOT and the sleeve could be eliminated with Blu Tack. I think you might even be able to do it effectively without the cap.
Yes, I can confirm that 1" heavy wall copper pipe fits fairly snug. I cut them 3" long. The caps were out of stock, I'll get them next week. I would like somehow to let them hang without propping them up from beneath. I was thinking another cap with holes drilled, but... not quite sure.

Please explain "another cap with holes drilled". I am wondering if copper sleeves would help with Bybee GG speaker bullets. I will give this a try when the sleeves arrive next month.
Sabai, I was thinking of putting in addition to having a cap at the one end, using another cap with holes drilled in the top to allow for the spades, bananas to exit.

I understand now. I wonder if this will make any difference to the SQ.