SR UEF Blue Power cables

Looking to purchase the Synergistic Research UEF Blue power cable.
Would like some feedback on this cable. I will not be using them on critical components. I know they will sound better than the stock ones and look better.
Any feedback will be appreciated.

3-2 specials are just bargain.

I had been happily using Analysis Plus power cables for the last 6 years.

I chose them after auditioning at my home 3 different brands loaned by Cable Company 6 years ago.

Two weeks ago  I ordered Synergistic Blue power cables based upon 3-2 offer and 30 day’s return policy.

I also ordered two 150$ Blue fuse for my amp and Dac.

It arrived yesterday. It made my EmmLab Dac2 more refined with smooth mid, almost analogue like vinyl.

In the end I am very happy with both fuses and the cables.

Synergistic Blue power cables  turned out to give more focus and details with fast transient than already excellent Analysis Plus.

Thanks for your reply. 
I have not used any of the SR power cables yet. 
I also have seen the offer from the cable co and it looked like a fair deal. 
You can use it with critical component like CD player or Dac and amplifiers to get the best of it.

3 for 1,100$ is an excellent value.

I converted to their blue fuses maybe a year ago and have been very happy with the results. There does not appear to be much of a buzz about these cables here or AA. Too new? I have some old Signal Cable power cords I'd like to upgrade. I'll give these a shot and let you know how it turns out. I'd be interested in hearing about your experience too.
I just place my order for (2) UEF Blue 10awg HC 6' and (1) UEF Blue 12awg 6'. I should receive them next week.
Will post my opinions after I have listened to them.
Joenies - perfect. Looking forward to comparing your experience with mine. I ordered two 12AWG cables for the dac and integrated. One 10AWG for the sub driver.
Installed one 12AWG cable on the Audio Note Soro integrated, and the 10AWG on the driver for the Torus sub. The sub driver is powered up 24/7, the integrated is not. Played Spotify a couple of hours in the mornings before work and in the evening after work from Monday thru Friday, played it all day Saturday then had a serious listen to the vinyl on Saturday nite.

Initial impressions one week into it:
1) Vocals and instruments spread out across a more layered and defined stage
2) Not as dynamic (yet) as my old cables (Signal Cable silver ref on the integrated and older SR on the sub driver)
3) VERY surprised and excited about the detailed, layered, well defined sound I'm getting out of some random nothing-special LP's (like Ozark Mountain Daredevils "Men From Earth" for cryin' out loud). Quite a few "Where did THAT come from??" moments. Much more of an emotional connection, even at this early stage.
4) The occasional edge I was was hearing on some recordings appears to have been mitigated.
5) Bass is not as fat and didn't punch as hard, but it does go deeper and is more controlled. Possibly some adjustment required on the driver gain - still TBD.

I played some CDs thru an EVS modified Sonica dac toward the end of the evening. Everything noted above for the vinyl was also true for the CDs, but to a lesser extent and with no notable revelations during the listening experience. However, I'd kept the original power cord on the dac. It's a well broken in home-brew Oyaide Black Mamba with Oyaide connectors (can't remember the exact part #'s). The dac and the transport stay powered up 24/7.

On Sunday, I installed the last 12AWG cable on the dac. Same morning/evening break-in routine all this week and a serious CD session planned for this coming Saturday nite.

One note on successfully increasing the WAF for my, um, expenditures - when I'm playing the break-in and/or warm-up music, it's music that she likes. So far, these cables are making all the Conway Twitty I'm enduring worth it.
Thanks tomg95123 for the feedback. I received my 3 cables last week. I will not be able to hook them up yet. Had a hell of an earthquake up here in Alaska a few weeks ago. My system got bounced around a lot. Not sure if anything got damaged. I'm looking forward to getting them hooked up when I put my system back together. 
Wow - sorry you had to go thru that. I'm from the SF bay area. I was just flying back in with my new bride on Oct 17, 1989 when the big Loma Prieta quake hit us. We were about 45 minutes out of San Jose when they made the announcement on the plane.