SR Tesla Precision Speaker cable X AZ Absolute

I have an Acoustic Zen Absolute speaker cable and I intend to migrate to Synergistic Research Tesla Precision or Apex.Does anyone have compared these cables and can you post your impressions and comments?
I have not made a direct comparison between the AZ and the Tesla I am using Tesla Apex and am completely satisfied with them If I were to upgrade I really wouldnt know where to start they are that good.
I have had the Precision Reference in my system for over a year and recently switched to the Apex. The Precision Reference is very very good, but the Apex is different and much more musical. The Apex has an even wider & deeper sound stage and warmer weight and presence too them which I prefer. Also, The Apex is not as razor sharp and thrust music at you like the Precision Reference and less analytical but still very detailed. Hard to explain I guess. The Apex is not as zippy either but the weight on the lower registers when pounding on the keys of a piano can be felt in your chest. The double shield makes the background much quieter and a tiny bit darker as well. These two speaker cables are system dependent and you must try both. If your system is in the warm side and also use tubes go for the Precision Ref. If you are all solid state on the neutral to cool side get the Apex.
Thank you Kenscollick and Joeyboynj. I´ll try Precision Ref, my system is all tube (ARC Ref 3 and ARC Ref 110)
I think AZ absolute is biggest bang for the bug