SR Tesla PowerCell or Dedicated Circuits ????

I am really interested in the Synergistic Powercell after enjoying much success with the Tesla Cables.

Presently, I have 3 dedicated circuits.
*One circuit is for all my Video which is plugged into a Hydra 8.
*One circuit for my CD Player and Preamp.
*One Circuit for my Amplifier.

So my question is this.

Can using the SR Powercell with using just one wall outlet while plugging everything into it be better than using the present 3 dedicated circuits ?

My past experience with any conditioner says no.

There is nothing on the SR website.

I have a Pass Labs X350.5 Amp, a Pass Labs XP-10 Preamp and a Cary 306 SACD player.
We are posting more images (very soon) however we just posted new info on the website for the PowerCell and Acoustic ART System. BTW why not just audition a PowerCell and plug EVERYTHING into it- you'll find your answer.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney Lead Designer Synergistic Research Inc.
Ted, Thanks. So far my dealers do not have any to demo.
I should also add that all my power cables, interconnects, and speaker cables are the Tesla cables.
Ozzy, Here is a recent review of the Powercell. I may audition one in the up coming months...

Let us know if you get one and what you find.

Thanks, Joe
Ozzy - I have 3 dedicated 20A circuits myself - one for the monoblock amps, one for the two subs and one for the front end. When I used the PowerCell (believe it or not), the system sounded best when everything was plugged into one circuit thru the PowerCell. It was not even close - the PowerCell trumped the dedicated circuits by a wide margin.
Jwpstayman, Hard to believe, but thanks thats great to know.
Curious though, you said when you used it.
Does that mean you do not own one ?
Hi Ozzy - I tried one in my system for a couple of weeks - mine is on order from S/R and should get here soon - I can't wait!
Ozzy, I had a Hydra 8 before I upgraded to the V-Ray with SR Precision AC powercord and I used to considerate it as one of the most important equipment in my system, I have synergistic research cables and once the powercell was release I had the oportunity to auditionate it and without doing a direct A/B comparison in my system I just ordered the Powercell 10SE, sincerly I wasn't sure but it didnt took me too long to realize that the Powercell outperform the v-ray, I have done a couple of test pluging one power conditioner to the other and the v-ray always constraint the sound and especially in the low frequencies also the powercell has a more holographic soundstage wich extends in dimensionality immensely.
Jwpstayman,Gferrari Thank you for the comments.

Jwpstayman, Have you received your power cell? When you tried it, did you have all your equipment plugged into the power cell? If so, what type of mono blocks were you using?

Gferrari , Were you using dedicated outlets before then using the one outlet with the power cell?

See guys, my real problem is, I still can't believe that my Pass Labs X350.5 power hungary Amp that is now on a seperate dedicated 20 Amp line will sound better plugged into the power cell with all my other components sharing only just one outlet.

I am trying to demo a power cell, so far no luck...
It will be a simple experiment to determine how your system sounds best- everything plugged into one PowerCell which is plugged into one circuit, or your line level components plugged into one PowerCell with you amps plugged directly into another circuit.

For the record, the PowerCell will not limit the current of one circuit; it would not even limit the current of TWO circuits (if this were possible). It will however not create more current then exists on one circuit.

The question is, will one of your circuits be enough to power your entire system, not can the PowerCell handle your systems current demands. The way I see it you should start by plugging your entire system into one PowerCell and then disconnect only your amplifiers and plug them directly into your other circuit. If your amps exceed the headroom of one circuit then you will need the power of an additional circuit. Though this is very uncommon, there are a few power hungry amplifiers that actually need all 20 amps. Even if this is the case, my guess is your system will take a dramatic leap forward from where you are now.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Ted, Thank you for the reply. What you have written about the capacity of one outlet circuit makes sense.

I have tried all of my equipment on one outlet, and yes, they will work electrically, without the breaker tripping.
However, using any power conditioner, like the Hydra 8 was definitly not as good thing as compared to going direct to the 3 dedicated wall outlets.
The sound was sort of compressed, just like in my original posting question.

After 4-5 months, and 3 dealers, one would think I would have been able to audtion a power cell.
To be totally honest here, the powercell is way too expensive to just buy and hope for the best.
And I would be disappointed if it only worked on my front end equipment.
We have numerous dealers that facilitate auditions. Please PM me if you need a recommendation. By the way, for a limited time when you audition a PowerCells they come standard with a Teslaplex that you can keep even if you do not make a purchase.

Yours in music,
Ted Denney III
Lead Designer, Synergistic Research Inc.
Hey Ozzy,

Are you going to try a Powercell? I'm interested to hear about your findings.

My powercell SE is on its way and I should have it next week.

Thanks to Ted and one of his dealers ,I just got a power cell to try yesterday .
Ozzy, I only have one dedicated circuit for my system and I wasn't satisfied with the Hydra 8 once I received it I found the sound not only compress but also limited in extension after a couple of days I finnished calling back my dealer and ordering the V-Ray which has a more dynamic and detail sound with a tighter and more controlled bass but I never found the sound with the V-Ray so constraint until I upgrade to the Powercell SE wich not only outperform the shunyata in everyway but also the sound is less digital and more pleasent.

How do you find the Powercell against a dedicated circuit?
Gferrari, Thanks for your kind response. I am still playing around with the Power Cell , so far it sounds good.

Right now I am having a location issue.
That is, my Amp sits about 8 feet from the powercell and the Amp's power cable wont reach the power cell.
So, I am in the process of moving equipment around to better hear it all on one system.
If I am able, I thought I would play the system on the one circuit for a week then switch to the seperate circuits.

Question: The SE version uses the Precision Ref power cable with a 32 Amp connector, but I am told it is the same cable as there 15A version.
Why is that cable not beefed up like the one used with the Power cell 10 ? The power cell 10 uses the T3 UHC cord?
Ozzy, the Precision AC is already a beefed up cable with separate runs for positive and neutral. Ted chose a connector that he feels that has a better transfer than a 20 amp connecter. The 15 amp version I have is no slouch on my current power conditioner. I don’t think you have anything to worry about. BTW, I preferred the Precision AC over the T3 UHC. If you have all Apex and Holograms in your system, the Precision AC is the perfect compliment.
Joeyboynj, Thanks for the info.
I own a Balanced Precision Ref interconnect and it doesnt look like much in diameter compared to the Apex.
So,I guess I was thinking the power cord would also be a small gauge size.
I wish there was a picture of the cable on the web site and/or info as to the wire gauge.

Anyway, I went ahead and ordered the Powercell 10 SE.
Did yours take long to break in ?
I just posted a review of the PowerCell 10 and SE version.
It is listed in the Product Reviews under Accs-AC Filter