SR Tesla Apex- How Stiff?

I want to try a pair, into my monoblocks. Their position necessitates a fairly tight radius curve between them and the wall though(I've got about 7" back there). They appear pretty stout/stiff in the pics I've seen. There's no Synergistic dealer in the area in which I could check them out.
I assume you are talking about the intercommects. First they have been in my system for almost a year and sound incredible. They are quite flexable and a 7" redius shouldnt be a problem. Give SR a call they are very good with information.
Contact The Cable Company for a demo pair to try before you buy. They will ship them to you.
Yes- Interconnects. The section behind the RCA, with the shrink tubing, looks kinda stiff. That made me wonder. I really want to compare them to the Wireworld Platinum Eclipses that I'm using on my mains now(Gold Eclipse 5.2's on the woofer amps). What does The Cable Company charge for a demo? Thanks for the replies, BTW.
Well, in my opinion, they are very stiff. I had them at home on audition and it was a problem to fit them behind my rack, which is up to 10" to the wall. In terms of sound I was disappointed, in direct comparison to MIT Magnum MA and silver Kondo cables. But their speaker's cable (Tesla Apex) are great!
Well- That opinion DOES make me want to seek a way to audition them for myself. Guess I'll contact The Cable Company for some further info.
My Accelerators (XLR) need 6-7", Apex is stiffer.
Rodman99999, I have both Accelerators and Apex and agree with Hasse. My Accelerators are not against a wall but extend about 7" back before heading sideways. The Apexs take at least 8". This stiffness is a result of the construction used.
Thanks guys- I was afraid that might be the case. Still, if their sound merits it, I suppose I could do some rearranging to accomodate them. Audition time(Just talked to The Cable Company)!
Got 'em, and only had to move my equipment about 3/4" to accomodate the way I've curved them. Tbg's estimation was right on. So far, so good! Now to cook 'em, and listen. Thanks again for the replies.