SR PowerCell 10 SE MK2 or Running Springs Jaco?

Opinions please. Thanks.
Both are outdated!


Then how about giving the man some recommendations?

He's probably asking because he's interested in adding a power conditioner.

HB Cable

• Extreme build quality
• Unlimited dynamics
• High resolution with decay and micro detail
• Creates a new standard in magic sound staging
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• Special internal connection conception
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Our power strip, called "PowerSlave", is unique. All our expertise and "philosophy" with respect to sound and sound creation were poured into the design and production of this device:

What we hear during musical reproduction is - in a figurative sense - electricity. A rapid and unobstructed pathway is needed to enable the dynamics of the signal-conducting power flow to develop their full potential. This requires the use of the highest quality materials to ensure minimum impediment of the signal path.

In the configuration of the interior wiring we took great care to ensure that each socket maintains the same low level of Ohmage during heavy loads.

We selected silver and copper for use as conductor materials. The contacts in each socket feature a 3-layer supra gold plating for optimal transition resistance. All connecting points have been carefully soldered with 10 Ag silver solder. We purposely chose not to attach a permanent power cable in order to accommodate user preferences.

The design of our PowerSlave and the choice of materials used were based on our concept of perfection. The results can be heard - and seen - and we're proud of it.

Purepower if you upgrade the parts/wire Etc..
Krell man,
Good point, rather than a nondescript answer why not offer a meaningful suggestion to Leog2010 and give the help he's seeking? By what criteria are the two units he mentioned outdated?
Try a Running Springs Dimitri.
My budget is around $2500. How can a power conditioner be outdated?
Get a weizhi PRS-6 for $1200.00. It will outrun the RS DMitri as I had one.

The same as any component. Better technology, various kinds of improvements and innovations. To begin with, some are better than others.
2010 wanted an opinion on the two units listed. I gave it to him, out dated!

Do research and you will see there are newer units being made today that will easily outrun these old goats!! I had the RS DMitri. The Wezehi will run circles around the DMitri. The Purepower will out do it. $2.5 will get you a PP and you can upgrade the outlets and other parts later to have a killer unit.
Leo -

are you using SR cables/power cords? If not go for the Running Springs.
Well, see the Purepower threads with a number of customer service and hum problems discussed. They give me second thoughts about that company.
I have been using RSA Dmitri for about a year, couldn't be happier.
I have always read good things about the Weizhi. Watch out, some of these power conditioners are gear -dependent, while others will steal/rob current from your system.
Well, as someone who has had BOTH in my system I might as well give my 2-cents.

Both are very good but I can easily say that the SR 10 SE MKII was better top to bottom. I was not the only one who heard the difference in my system. I had the Jaco and demoed the SR and sold the Jaco.

As far as 'old" tech, BS. That is like saying an amp or speaker that has a new model available is old tech and has no value and sounds bad. The earlier version still sounds as good as it did and at the reduced price is a great value.

That said I would also suggest that if you get the chance try the Equitech line as well.

They come highly regarded by many who have tried them.
Equietech sucks. Big $$$ for nothing. Know dealer that unloaded the junk.


Nobody said it sounds bad. Did I write that Hi? That's my HO on the matter that it is out dated. Old school that is now left in the dust. Buy it for pennies as very few want them as their own units. Even the PP beat the piss out of the RS D.
Finally bought an used SR Powercell 10 SE MK2. Let's see how everything sounds like when it arrives. Thank you all for your comments.
Please post your thoughts about it when you're ready. Thanks!
Touchy, Glory. Oh, so a "DEALER" unloaded it and that confirms your opinion that it is junk.
Never said it was the best, just that many like and praise it and it is worth the demo.
Well if it "sucks" then a lot of recording studios wasted their money as many use that type of tech in their systems.

Oh come on Glory, just by your statement that it is out dated tech (and now "Old school that is now left in the dust etc") you infer that it sounds bad. You may not have meant that but that is how it comes across.

Glory, none of the above that anyone mentioned, save for the SR MKII, have any "special new tech" and even the SR is an innovative twist on known tech. But it is different and it works.
Look, no one piece of audio gear will work in everyones system.

When it comes to power there are only a few ways to address it and 98% are the same with a variation.

Want innovative, new tech and it works. Try the new power conditioner from High Fidelity Cables. Unfortunately it is expensive.

Maybe Rick has made a box that is new tech. Rick thinks outside the box and it is these types of units I am talking about.

I am sure the EQ stuff sounds good as does the SR and ... But there is better stuff being made.
"Equitech sucks"? C'mon. May be that they didn't work well in your system. Power conditioning can be quite system dependent. And we all make our own calls on pricing vs improvement.

I am a huge fan of my Equitech 2Q, and have also really liked a Running Springs Haley in my system too.

I build up your system w/ SR cables/cords. This will give you the best synergy w/ the SR conditioner.