SR Power Cell 10 SE Vs, Bybee Purifier PC

Anyone compare the SR Power Cell 10SE to the Bybee Purifier line conditioner?
Why not listen to both?
No dealer in my area with either.
Google Tesla Powercell and Bybee =
I have one of the Bybee Purifier line conditioner in my house for about a week now. The first couple of days it needed to break in even being used. I bought version 1 not a version 2. Has anybody compared these two? I would also like to know how they stack up to what's out there.
My searches of Jack Bybee's work as a physicist turn up absolutely zero citations in the academic literature. Maybe when people say he is a physicist, they mean he teaches high school physics, not that he is on the short list for the Nobel Prize.

Also, his conditioners and his outrageously expensive RCA "bullets" don't seem to be as widely reviewed as most others out there. On the one hand, maybe this means that he is shy about publicity, unlike Louis Motek, another "phyicist". On the other hand, maybe this means that reviewers who have nothing good to say keep their mouths shut.
Husk01, I bought a Syn. Res. PowerCell 10SE several years ago after hearing a demonstration of it. I have had many, many, ac filters, this is the only one that I still have.

The only other ones that I have liked are the Sound Applications and Walker Velocitor, but they don't match the PowerCell in openness and bass.
05-19-10: Tbg
Husk01, I bought a Syn. Res. PowerCell 10SE several years ago after hearing a demonstration of it
Several years ago? According to the following post you ordered a PowerCell less than 1 1/2 years ago.
01-08-09: Tbg
You know that all that differs on it is being zapped with a million volts. I have one coming along with a Power Cell and pcs.
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Okay, it was about 1 1/2 years ago.
Try the SR PowerCell 10SE and the Bybee Stealth in series. They work well together. Adding the Bybee to the SR is a quantum leap.
Sabai, I have limits to what I will try, but thanks for the recommendation.
Husk01- I hope you have the opportunity to evaluate the Syergistic Research PowerCell 10SE Mark II.
Tbg, I understand.

Davidpritchard, I do not have the opportunity to audition products before I buy because I live abroad. I have read that the Mark II is better then the non-Mark II. I would expect it to be with 4 modules vs. 1 module for the non-Mark II. I have the non-Mark II -- but with the newer PC that has the G-07 plug/IEC and the 2 Enigma bullets which make a big difference in my system that is highly resolving.

The SR with the Bybee added downstream is a whole other ballgame. I would be surprised if you took the non-Mark II and added the Mark II downstream that the results would be superior. Just speculation on my part.
Sabai, all that I can really say is that the Mk II is clearly better than original SE 10. I'm in a very perplexing situation where my BMC gear, especially the M1 amps, do not like any conditioner or filter before them. I had the Sound Application SA-1 filter and found it outstanding on all equipment except the BMC gear. I like the BMC gear, so right now I am using a filter only on my digital gear, including the computer.
Tbg, have you tried any Bybee products in your system? A Bybee Quantum Force or an Ultra SE PC might do the trick, IMHO. I run a lot of Bybee products in series -- with ICs and SCs and PCs -- and they have never disappointed me.
Many years ago I had the Bybee ic filters. When I took them out of my system the sound improved. So for about the last eight years I have ignored all of his stuff.
Tbg, that's surprising. What did they do to the sound? I have had nothing but good results with Bybee products.
Sabai, It was a long time ago. All I really remember is that a friend had suggested taking the filters off the ics. I did and we both just looked at each other. The music was more open and live. Actually, this was my second experience with them. Earlier I had just tried them from a dealer and returned them after two days. Then John Curl had strongly recommended them and I respect him, so I bought several sets. He was wrong this time IMHO.
Tbg, it goes to show you everything is system dependent. I find this especially true when trying to put components together with cables. One cable, even one plug, can make a very big difference, in my experience.
Sabai, when you think about it, the entire enterprise of internet posting about audio, may be a waste of time. I must say, however, that on occasion someone as ernest as you causes me to try something or retry something.
Tbg, for me posting has been important, not only to share my experiences, some of which are out-of-the-ordinary, but also to learn from others. Since I cannot audition equipment this has been an important part of the learning process for me.
Sabai, I don't mean to belabor the point, but if everything is system dependent, how can you learn or teach? If you have someone you can trust you can learn. But most of us posting here have no reason to trust the tastes directing what we buy and characteristics of each of our systems.
Tbg, learning is the issue. I listen to what others have to say but you cannot trust anything until it is in your system and push the on button. What is good for Jack may not work the same way for Jill.

Theoretically a product may be tops but that does not mean it will have the same effect in every system. I like SR and Bybee. So I might logically conclude they should be good for everyone after I have heard what they do in my system. Then I read about someone who did not get good results or the same results I did.

There may be many reasons for this, of course. For instance, Bobby Palkovic at Merlin recommends Cardas for his speakers and he is right. So, YMMV with any high end audio product. It depends on the synergy of your system. Your ears are the final arbiter.