SR PC recommendations for QLS-9

It was a very Merry Christmas for me... My husband gave me a Synergistic Research QLS-9!

I want to get a different PC for the QLS... actually need more than want.... the cord that comes with it is too short putting the QLS in an awkward position.

Any recommendations? I'd love a Precision, but I'll probably be limited to a T2 or T3 unless I can find one used. I have my Ayre CD and Preamp and two MPCs plugged into the QLS.
I use a Precision AC on mine and it is simply amazing. If not then a T2 will do....

Regards Bacardi
T2 is a source cable and not to be used to power a whole system. Try a T3 or T3 UHC if you want a very musical presentation. A Precision AC if you are using upper end Tesla cable in your system or if you want ultra clear and forward presentation.

I think a T3 would work perfect for you. Have fun and let us know the result.

Happy Holidays!

It's not powering the entire system.. just the CD and pre and a couple of MPCs.. nothing remotely high current there.

The amp remains plugged straight to the wall.
What power cords are on your CDP and Pre? If you are using T2's adding another T2 will make the system lighter and airier sounding. I recommend a T3 for more weight, musical warmth and it is much more extended than the T2 at both frequency extremes. Plus its heavier gauge will make sure everything plugged into the QLS gets un-restricted power.
Thanks Joey,

Ted responded in the original tesla thread with the same recommendation. He said if I'm just powering MPCs then use a T2 but otherwise use a T3 or Precision.

Right now I don't have any SR PCs. Everything still has a Cardas Golden on it (I previously had all cardas cables). I plan to swap them all the T2/T3 cables for now as I can't afford holograms/precision.

Going to snag demo's of the T3 and precision and probably end up with a T3 unless the precision is just too good to pass up.
T3 on the way :)
Is there a reason the QLS isn't on the SR web site? I'd like to learn more about it, particularly how it works to benefit a system. Is it simply a power strip with capacitors in it for filtration? Besides the Tesla tunneling it receives, what makes it unique from other specialty power strips?
"Besides the Tesla tunneling it receives, what makes it unique from other specialty power strips?"

I have no idea what makes it unique aside from the Quantum Tunneling but it is, very unique. It expands the sound stage with greater clarity. No loss of dynamics- I've got one powering my office system; very cool. Inexpensive too. Hopefully SR gets their website together.
From an email I got from Ted on the QLS "it is a more conventional line conditioner like a Hydra. The real magic comes from the Quantum Tunneling process and the materials and implementation of its circuit"

But then on the cable co's website it says it's just a strip with no conditioning.


I know I love mine though.