SR Blue Fuses

I just wanted to share my excitement with my SR Blue Fuses. I installed 3 in my Anthem I225. Its been probably 100 hours of burn in time now and I really am beside myself in the difference. The bass is really full, my highs are nicely extended and my soundstage is huge. Just today, my soundstage became ridiculous.
If you are happy with your current amplifier / preamplifier and intend on keeping it for awhile I highly recommend replacing the fuses with SR Blue fuses, if not the Orange fuses. I got my Blues for 30% off. It is quite possibly the best tweak I have done aside from room treatments.

It takes awhile to burn the fuses in but once they are, it’s pretty awesome the difference they make. I was pretty skeptical about this mod and thought it was a lot to spend but now that I have, it was the best $400 mod I have done. It made more of a difference than my upgraded power cords and actually probably made a more of a difference than going from my signal cable silver res speaker cables to my ap solo crystals.

Highly recommended if you already love your amp/preamp and intend to keep them for awhile!
I don't think some of you know how electric charge works. The current does move in both directions but the electromagnetic wave only moves in one direction.
Littelfuse got to orange first!
Littelfuse got to orange first!


Really "priceless", that’s bit of a lame fist pump.

Yes it’s a $10 more robust low magnetic fuse which means the end caps are brass and not steel, and a thicker glass envelop that’s all, nothing what so ever to do with improving sound as the shillers here preach and have you believe.

But definitely look like the they "maybe" the re-badged $160!!!! SR fuses though. Great insane markup if you can get away with it.

You can get similar in Bussman non magnetic end caps and who knows what colour the ceramic powder is.