SR Blue Fuse Bliss

Based on so many comments on Agon, I gave this fuse a shot in my PrimaLuna Dialogue integrated. I was surprised to hear an immediate positive result that I liked. I heard more clarity and "smoothness" plus the amp seemed to be playing louder. I'm only 10 hours in and would not have tried this tweak? but for the 30 day trial and many positive user comments. I still can't believe a fuse could make this kind of difference. I'll turn the fuse the other way in another week or so to see if that's a better position but I may have hit the right orientation already.
The sound is more dynamic even backwards, but kind of congealed not clear like you're hearing. So you got it right. Like any good component it sounds great right out of the box then continues to improve and sound even better as it burns in. They work in everything and the best way to get them is when they're having a promo and you get a free Fuse with a set of HFT or whatever. Because you want those too, throw in the Fuse its a no-brainer! Either way yeah, one of these is as big a deal as a really good $300 to $500 power cord, only for a lot less money. 
Tens of thousands of happy users can't be wrong. :-)