SR Atmosphere level 2 RCA opinions

Earlier this year I went from MIT to SR cables, started with the core UEF and was pleased with the results.

I later upgraded to the Atmosphere level 1 RCA's and level 2 speaker, this was a noticeable upgrade.

These atmosphere cables brought out some tucked away resolution and a little bit of true vocal tonality I haven't heard.

I'm leaning on the fence of trying the level 2 RCA's but curious as to anyone who has gone down this path...was it a notable upgrade?

I'm after 2 pairs of RCA's so it's a little bit of a pricey jump but not terribly so. 

Would be from a SA8005> McCormack RLD-1-DNA-1 Ultra Platinum.

Any input is appreciated.

I do use Synergistic Research interconnects and each level does give more of the sonic qualities I want. If you have not tried the SR Blue Wall Outlets, I would consider ordering one and take advantage of the December special of getting a free Blue fuse for your McCormack.

The Blue outlet + Blue fuse is a great upgrade .

David Pritchard
Thanks David, I actually have the Furutech outlet now, but I do have two of the blue fuses at the moment.

Mains fuse for the RLD-1, as well as the mains fuse for the DNA-1. I heard the difference immediately with the DNA-1, the upper treble was cleaner, mainly vocals.

I swapped back twice to the stock fuse to make sure it wasn't the placebo effect...but the results were the same.

Unfortunately there are 7 fuses in the DNA-1.
I can empathize as the Marantz SA11S2 uses 6 fuses and I eventually upgraded them one fuse location at a time, starting with the main fuse first. The Synergistic Research Black fuse can be found at a lower cost and it still is a nice upgrade over a stock fuse. I do think the Furutech outlet and the SR Blue fuse complement each other very nicely.

David Pritchard
You like what you like. My or anyone else opinion is irrelevant.  If you want to spend the extra scratch for it it's your business.  I like Cardas Goldens (anythings) people criticize them as tone controls I don't give a shist.