Squezebox + iTunes + FLAC

I currently use a Squeezebox and iTunes to play AIFF files ripped from CDs. Everything works and sounds fine to me. I would now like to be able to play HD 96/24 FLAC files downloaded from HDTracks.com. Can I do this using iTunes (does not support FLAC directly). If yes, how do I do this, what extra software do I need?

Thanks for your help.

iTunes will only support up to 16/44.1. Hopefully that will change in the future.

W3 computeraudiophile dot com will give you lots of info and choices.

Good luck!
You must convert the Flac to something iTunes can use, AIFF is fine. What OS do you use? I use MAX on my Mac to do the conversion. Google "convert flac to aiff " and you will find lots of stuff, much is free.

Before you spend any money at HDtracks you may be interested in all of the chatter over at Audio Asylum about problems with files.


Itunes support just about anything you want. I don't know if there is a limit but I play 24/96 no problem.

You can use Max to convert 24/96 FLAC files to 24/96 Apple lossless or 24/96 AIFF, which can be played through iTunes. If you are using digital output from the computer to an external DAC you will have to go into Audio MIDI Setup (in the Applications/Utilities folder) to change the output to 24/96 for those files.
Oops, I forgot about the Squeezebox part of the equation. I don't believe the Squeezebox will pass 24/96 signals. It will downconvert them to 24/48. If you want to keep the 24/96 resolution, play them through iTunes on your computer.
Thanks to all for your response. Seems the way to go is to convert FLAC to Apple lossless using Max. I will try this. The OS is Mac Snow Leopard.
It seems I may be mistaken...how does one get 24/96 playback out of iTunes?

Windows Vista > iTunes

Assume I have a 24/96 FLAC file...then what???

Thanks for bringing me out of the dark : )
Mr. Brass, iTunes can't play FLAC so you have to convert the file to something iTunes can play. Load that file into iTunes and play it.

Mgattmch, unless you use a player like Amarra or Pure Music that controls the output rate of Core Audio on the fly you need to change the settings in Audio Midi Interface each time you want to play a file with a different rate. iTunes locks onto whatever AM is set to when you launch it so each time you set AM to a different rate you have to quit and restart iTunes. If iTunes outputs a different rate than AM is set to the Core Audio will resample it.

If you start iTunes with AM set to 44.1 and play a 96 file iTunes will downsample to 44.1 it and CA will pass it through.

If you start iTunes with AM set to 44.1, change AM to 96, and play a 96 file iTunes will downsample to 44.1 it since that is what is locked onto and CA will upsample it back to 96, not good.

One way to avoid the hassle is to set MA to 96 and launch iTunes. iTunes will play native 96 as is and upsample 44.1 to 96.
Why are you not simply using SqueezeCenter, which supports FLAC and up to 24/96? Note too, that unless you are using the Transporter, or the new Squeeze Touch, you won't be able to listen to 24/96, since the other SB devices will only support up to 24/48...
ben's comments are correct. the rest of the suggestions are spinning your wheels unless you switch to the touch or transporter. his suggestion to use squeezebox server is a good one too as i find it much more seamless than itunes with the logitech products and flac is the native format.