Squeezebox WiFi noise...

I have discovered an interesting little bug in my system and wondered if some of my audio comrades have experienced anything similar. I have a Squeezebox Duet in my system along with an Audible Illusions Modulus 3 preamp. What I have found, through a process of elimination and some old fashioned troubleshooting, is that the AI is very sensitive to EMI/RFI and the Squeezebox WiFi receiver/transmitter system puts out a certain amount of EMI/RFI interference that the AI picks up. It can be heard (especially when the pre is set to phono) as a “fluttering” type of noise. Very quiet and deep in the noise floor but definitely there.

I have been able to eliminate the problem with careful positioning of the Squeezebox controller away from my rack and sitting next to a power amp which appears to be affording some shielding. I’ve also experimented with shielding the Squeezebox with foil and getting similar results. Checked with Logitech to see if the WiFi section of the Squeezebox can be shut off somehow (I hardwire mine via CAT5, so it’s not a problem to shut it off), and they have explained that neither the Duet nor the new Touch allow this in any way, it’s always on.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? Any good solutions other than positioning that may work? Or am I just the lucky one….
This thread pertains to the Touch, but I suppose might also be applicable to the Duet. See post 3 in the thread, and post 47 and the posts that follow it.

-- Al

Thanks for the link. I did see this earlier and had a look at it but I'm not sure I understand exactly where they're talking about in the software to make the changes...
Hi Dogmcd,

The procedure they describe involves doing some things that are a bit out of the ordinary. You have to log on to the Squeezebox via what is known as SSH, as opposed to http, ftp, etc.

The following paragraph from this page indicates how to do that, at least with the Touch:
Enable ssh by navigating to Settings->Advanced->Remote Login. After checking the checkbox for enabling remote login, there will be a help message that tells you the IP address of the controller. Note this address.
SSH into the machine using an SSH client (on Linux or OS X, just open a terminal and type "ssh root@(ip address of controller noted in previous step)", on Windows putty.exe is a good client to use, or use cygwin.
Default password of controller is "1234"
The user id, if it is not automatically entered, apparently is "root."

So if your computer runs Mac OS X or Linux, you can simply follow these instructions, and then the instructions in post 3 of the thread I linked to earlier (noting that one of the entries in post 3 was corrected in one of the later posts following post 47).

If your computer uses Windows XP or Vista or 7, you will need to install "SSH client software." See this link, which references the Putty SSH client program.

The Squeezebox makers certainly haven't made this easy!

BTW, I don't own a Squeezebox, so my ability to further clarify any of this will be limited. Hopefully it will make sense to you.

-- Al