squeezebox vs sonos

What is the difference? Is Sonos more for multi-room systems?
What about sound quality differences?
SqueezeBox will stream music loslessly from a PC. It generally requires a PC to function. The regular model of Sonos includes a storage server, so it stores your music as well. Sonos has additional functionality which allows you to do multi-room stuff. Visit http://slimdevices.com and http://sonos.com to learn the basics.

I haven't been able to compare sound quality directly. I have a SqueezeBox (latest version) and it has good sound quality for its size and price. You can also go digital out from a SqueezeBox to a good DAC to make a big jump in sound quality. The DACs in the SqueezeBox are good, but they are surrounded by a bunch of electronics and they have a wimpy power supply. I don't think you'll find the audio quality to be bad in any way but you probably won't be amazed by it either. Jitter on the digital outs is good but not outstanding - my RME Audio Digi 96/8 PCI card has noticeably lower jitter.
I think the Squeezebox DACs are ok, but I am not that thrilled with the analog section. If you add an external DAC that has jitter removal and an excellent analog section like the Lavry Black you can very very good results.

Of course that bumps the cost a bit, but I'd rather do that than pay for a modded SB.
The sonos does not have a storage device and requires use of a computer to store your music. I really enjoy the ease of use of the sonos and the sound is above average. I have not heard the squeezebox devices.

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how do these sound compared to (your) cd transport + dac?
I used the SQ3 and thought the sound quaility was not as good as an inexpensive 20 year old Sony multi-disk CD player, we used the analog outs only. I would be interested in any that have tried a seperate DAC and what their impressions are. The other negative of the Squezzebox is the interface, just doesn't suit me. I saw the Sonus at RMAS and liked it's interface and controler a lot more than the SQ, but it costs quite a bit more also. I was able to do a direct, well almost, comparison between CD and Sonus, the CD won. The Sonus guy was sitting next to me with the local dealer. The dealer is going to set the Sonus up to a DAC and we are going to do a direct comparison CD vs Sonus. I really hope it works, I want this technology, but will not give up sound quality.
Doug Clary

Pleade note, Slim Devices stood behind their trial period and refunded my money promptly after returning the SQ3, nice to do business with a good company!
Interesting. I far prefer the Squeezebox interface. The Squeezebox is not high end out of the audio jacks unless you get inside and modify it, which is not as hard as it sounds. Removing the output IC with clippers and taking the signal directly from the DAC chip yields a very big improvement, using a good linear supply with a very short cable to the Squeezebox provides a big improvement too. Change a few caps inside and it goes up a couple more notches. At that point it will compete with a $1000 to $2000 CDP. But adding a DAC to it is where you can achieve high end sound. Jitter performance is more than adequate for decent DACs in my experience (I have tested it against three very good CD Transports).
I have the Sonus and the sound quality using the tos link to my external DAC is by far superior to via analogue out to the pre amp...not even close

Do not have exp w/ Squeeze box but Sonus does offer a lot more functionality in terms of daisy chaining to multiple rooms and the remote controller is a thing of genius, greatly improving the experience than any other remote control I have ever used bar none.

I am interested in what DAC you are using with the Sonos. I am soon to make a move to the Sonos and wondered how good it can sound with an under $1000 dac like the Lavry DA-10 for instance. I have used an ack dac in the past but felt my current Droplet Cd player to be much better. Any thoughts and comments are appreciated.

I just connected to my main rig....the extneral DAC use is th Meitner DCC2....so certainly not under US$1000. I have heard great things about the Drople: does it have digital input, especially TosLink? If it does, suggest using the Droplet's internal DAC.