Squeezebox Vs Duet

Which has better sound quality?
I really like the duet remote but if sound quality is better on the sb3 I could go that way and add the duet remote later.
Current 2 ch system is an Arcam se8 to Modded Lite Dac Ah to B&K reference 20. I am looking to make a move up in sound quality and at the same time add the convenience of pc based audio.
It should not matter if you use the digital out! However, your best combination is the Squeezebox with an ipod touch. Ipod touch will totally replace the duets remote. The remote for the duet costs about the same as the 32Gb ipod touch, so there is no reason NOT to buy an ipod touch and just the duet receiver/ or the squeezebox (for better viewing.)

Scoly1 - IMO, the Duet's digital output sounds much better than the SB3.

Doug- a 32Gb ipod touch + the Duet receiver is $650.
Why spend the extra $250.?
Reading lots of reviews had confused me. There seems to be a bit of controversy over which has the best sound so glad to hear your opinion. I will eventually add a better dac with usb. Any suggestions >$700.00?
What about the sound quality compared to mid level cd players? I've considered a Jolida and the Rega players but hate to put out the cash if I can get a pc based system with comparable sound.
Appreciate your input.
I would have a hard time spending an extra $180 on the touch. Sound is my main priority and it seems that the duet remote would give the flexibility I need. What does the touch add?
The touch is lighter, bigger screen, allows you to surf the net, and take your music with you (obviously). Maybe look into the 16GB ipod touch to save some money. The duet remote is a waste if you EVER plan to buy the ipod touch (IMHO).

I must admit I approach the situation differently then you. I have a squeezebox ALREADY, and was thinking about buying the duet remote. CLEARLY the ipod touch is the way to go in this situation, and would provide maximum flexibility. While not the most cost effective setup, it is the way to go, if possible.
I'm using an iTouch as a Squeezebox (and iTunes) remote using the iPeng application.

It's "Da Bomb"! Really outstanding, IMO.

Also, my iTouch sounds better than my six year old 30MB iPod.

The Squeezebox sounds great, IMO, running either direct from the analog outputs or into my APL Denon 3910's DAC via the digital output. It's not reference quality, but darned close.
I guess I got lucky. About a month ago, I won an auction here for a Duet and a (stock) PS Audio Digital Link 3. Since I got them together, I didn't really listen to the Duet analog outs; pretty much went straight through the DAC. All I can say is wow. ;) My cdp is a Music Hall CD25.2 with Underwood level 2 mods. Last January, I upgraded my Von Schweikert speakers from VR-4JRs to VR-4SR MkIIs. The latter have a pretty hot top end. The DAC tamed the digital harshness so now everything is listenable (wasn't the case before) and what was good before is now great. (I'm still very tempted to send it to Cullen for a Stage 3 mod.)

The Duet is pretty cool. I'm using EAC to rip my CDs to FLAC on my laptop. Prolly will get an external USB drive for backup.

When the novelty wears off, I'll compare the Duet analog out to the cdp to the Duet through the DAC and note differences.
Actually I've already done cdp vs. DAC and all I could do was shake my head back and forth at how nicely the DAC sounded.
Thanks for the response. REsearching the itouch I can see how a lot would enjoy having one. For me it would just be another remote for the sb.
I just want to be able to control the music stored on my hd and have a sound quality upgrade.
Did you feel like the sb, dac combo was a significant upgrade in sq? I will start with the dac ah and eventually upgrade to a tube dac (Paradisea+).
Scoly1, I was just commenting on what others had mentioned earlier in the

However, since you mention that an iTouch would be just another remote for
the Squeezebox, I believe there are some definite differences between the
iTouch and Squeezebox remote that make an iTouch the better choice
beyond the "cool factor". I understand these differences may not matter to
you, but they might matter to others reading this thread.

For example, with the Squeezebox remote, you need to be able to see the
Squeezebox's screen to navigate through the menu. With an iTouch, since the
it mimics the SqueezeCenter web interface (using iPeng) you can be anywhere
in your house and use the iTouch's screen to navigate through your music
choices. That makes an iTouch a clear winner, IMO. Of course, if you're only
going to be changing music while you're in the same room as your
Squeezebox, then it doesn't matter and the Squeezebox remote is perfectly

Beyond that, if you are going to use the digital output on either the
Squeezebox or Duet, I believe you'd be hard pressed to hear a difference
betwen the two devices, which is why I believe Doug_kraz mentioned using a
Squeezebox/iTouch combo versus a Duet since the cost would end up about
the same.

Anyway, have fun! The Paradisea+ is a terrific DAC, and it will definitely add
musicality to either the Squeezebox or Duet.
The Duet receiver doesn't have any screen and the remote works perfectly. Why would you have to look at Squeezebox's screen to use the remote?
Why would you have to look at Squeezebox's screen to
use the remote?
Kana813 (Reviews | Threads | Answers)

Because the SB3's remote is only buttons, unlike the Duet's remote, which has a

SB3 - screen on player, no screen on remote
Duet - no screen on player, screen on remote
Think Tvad referred to the sb3 in his reference to the screen not the duet.
Thanks for the info. Feel sure the itouch would be an upgrade even from the duet remote. It looks to be very versatile a has tremendous functionality. If I were planning to use the functions it would be a no brainer. At this time I do not intend to use it that way but will continue reading about it and considering how it might be of use. You have succedded in getting me curious.
Given the $399 price of a Duet (and less if purchased used), versus the
~$200-$250 (used) cost of an SB3, the Duet seems like a no-brainer, IMO.

Unless you can find a SB3/Boulder modded ELPAC power supply package for
around $300. The power supply is supposed to make a substantial
improvement, especially regarding the digital output of the player.
Sorry, I thought Tvad was referring to the Duet remote with the SB3.

Once again, IMO, the digital output of a stock Duet sounds better than a stock SB3.

Also, IMO, the Bolder digital mods are a joke.

If you want a linear PSU, here's the real deal:


If you want to upgrade digital outputs on a SB3 or Duet, contact Pat at:

Is there a specific PS model number at Acopian one should search for?

Are you saying the Bolder Elpac power supply mods are a joke, or the Bolder Squeezebox digital mods are a joke? Would you be more specific about why you have this opinion?

I'm also interested in the Acopin ps model no.. Would like to get one ordered since I just ordered a duet. Got a great deal that I couldn't pass up.
Also, what is the best wiring method. My ht is in a different room so I will hardwire to my receiver with either coax or toslink. The run will be around 25'. I'm guessing digital coax.
Everything I have read about the Boulder mods has been positive. Figure I'll play with the duet a bit, buy a better dac, play some more, and may try their mod. Figure the longer I wait and play the more time for better mods or possible diy tweaks/mods.
Thanks again for all the help and suggestions. Very excited about the duet.
I'm looking for a regulated, quiet, linear power supply too and checked Acopian and didn't have a clue which PS would work.
Please help recommend a model number. It would be appreciated. I don't want top spend an arm and a leg for a replacment PS.
SB3 – 5VDC 1amp- Acopian -B5G120

DUET- 9VDC .5 amp- Acopian -B9G50

These power supplies have screw terminals.

You'll need an AC power cable and a DC cable and plug. Make sure you check the stock wall wart for the correct polarity on the DC plug.

I have no dog in this hunt, and I've never purchased anything from Bolder,
nor have I communicated with Bolder about any product, but I have to say it's
not helpful for those seeking to do an evaluation, or make a buying decision, to
declare someone's product or service "a joke" without offering any reason to
support the statement.
I have never listened to either of these units. However, I can tell you 2 things:

1.) The digital outputs are the identical design.

2.) The Duet has lass crap on the supply rails, as the outboard SMPS does not have to power the display. There is still too much noise on the clock's supply on the Duet, but with a decent linear supply, there is hope for it.
Kana or Art,

Channel Islands Audio shows this for their linear PS
Output Voltage: 9V DC @ 2.5 Amps

The Acopian is 9V 0.5 Amps

The switching PS with the Duet shows 9V and 0.56 Amps

Is the Channel Islands Amp specced wrong or should a different model Acopian be used as the amps are different? (I don't know much about this!)

The Duet doesn't need 2.5amps.

If it did, SD would have included a 2.5 amp wall wart.