Squeezebox user with duplicate albums

I use foobar to rip flac files into a unix box and then squeezebox to run my music around the house. My problem is that in the tagging process, sometimes one or two songs don't appear to be fully tagged at the end of the rip so I go in and tag them. If the tagging isn't exactly like the others, when sqeezebox scans the new music, it will scan cd's with the same jacket etc but one cd will show the correctly tagged songs and the second cd will show the manually tagged songs. When I go back and retag the manually tagged songs to exactly the same as the others and rescan, 2 cd's remain with 7 songs in one and 2 in the other (for example). How to I get both of them to combine into one cd on the viewer and player?
I'm using Logitech Media Center for my my Squeezebox devices as well, and I've had good luck getting the titles and artist tags to be correct and uniform using TagScanner which is free, very complete, and easy to use. You may also check at or field this question on the Tagging section at the Squeezebox forums.