Squeezebox Touch Power Supply Issues

I am having an unblievable experience with Squeezebox and I was wondering if
anyone else has had an equivalent experience. It concerns the wall wart power supply. The first unit fit properly but the squeezebox never turned on. After an email exchange with Logitech they sent out a new power supply. This one won't
plug into the Squeezebox Touch. Although the hole on the power supply looks identiical to the first one, it simply won't fit. I tried the fit of the first one again
to see if I hadn't damaged the squeezebox in this process and it still fits.
I've never had so much trouble of a darned wall wart. Since there are many squeezebox users that post here I was wondering if my experience is unique.
If it helps you feel better, my Tivoli Model One shipped with the stock powercord that was too tight to fit into the socket, I called and they sent another powercord that was so loose that if I moved the Tivoli at all the powercord fell out of the socket. Not so sure we've come very far in quality control of consumer electronic sourced from abroad. Keep at them and they'll get one that fits right, and be sure to tell Logitech customer service that you relate your experiences on all the audio forums (c:
They probably just sent the wrong supply--maybe the one for the older Duet. I have 2 Duets and a Touch in my systems, but haven't compared the connectors to see. The Touch definitely has a different supply than the Duet tho. Their customer service is pretty good, give them another chance and just let them know it doesn't work right.
Interesting . . . I have no problem using the modified Bolder Audio power supply from my Squeezebox 3 in my Touch.

My complaint with the Touch is that I can't read the small text display from across the room. Not a problem with the SB3.
Their customer support said they shipped the wrong gizmo and offered me 1/2 off one of their other products. Wish I had known that before I had spent $1100 on tow of their Universal remotes for my two HT systems.....
I got a coupon like that too. There's also a VIP club or something like that where I got invited and got a 50% off one item. So I got the Touch for 160 bucks shipped! Would have been even better a deal had I ordered a Transporter!