Squeezebox Touch not displaying some music files

I am hoping someone can help me with this dilemma. I have been using a Squeezebox Touch to wirelessly stream music from my itunes library (via Logitech Media Server), with excellent results. I have had no problems with my entire music library showing up on the Squeezebox touch. All my music has been converted to high quality AIFF files. Somewhere with the last 1-2 updates on the Squeezebox Touch and itunes, I have lost about 5% of the songs on my library. That means that those songs do not show up on the Squeezebox Touch but I can find them if I use the Search function. This is a major annoyance as I have to try & remember which songs I am missing. None of the songs have any restriction such as DRM.
Could any of the experts in Computer audio shed some light on what might be going on and what can be done to fix this problem? I would be very grateful.
Thank you!