Squeezebox/Roku Modern Equivalents?

What are people using these days with their Vortexboxes or music servers to listen to their music? My Logitech Squeezebox Touch just bit the dust.


They are getting another one off ebay or using a raspberry pi and controlling it with some sort of "app" (The details of which are beyond me). There really isn't a replacement with the same user friendliness.
Bluesound Node seems like an alternative to the Squeezebox. (I'm still using my Squeezebox Touch.)

Bluesound Vault has streaming and storage.
I had a Squeezebox Duet and moved to a Sonos Connect and I much prefer the Sonos. Easier interface, less buggy, and more choices for music. Hooked on streaming Tidal through my Sonos and it sounds great feeding my Yamamoto dac.
Sonos has many advantages, but it only plays up to 48kHz. Bluesound plays 192kHz.