Squeezebox quality

I bought a Logitech Squeezebox Classic (SB3) 5 years ago mainly because I had seen it in use in several suites at an audiophile show.  My unit has died so I need to replace it but I'm not sure with what. Do all the streamers in the squeezebox line have the same audio quality?  They all appear to use a different DAC.
(And no I can't afford a Transporter)

You can pick up a Squeezebox Touch used here on Audiogon for about $300 or less. I have used one for about 4 years now and it has proved to be very reliable. The first 3 years I ran it with it's analogue outs and sound was surprisingly good. The last year I ran it with a Parasound Zdac which did improve the sound but it was a subtle difference.
I have not heard the Classic but when the Touch came out many praised it's DAC as an improvement in that price range.
Good luck.
I found the Touch a bit better than the SB3, but I was really looking to use the EDO modified firmware to output to a DAC via USB, and that is how I use it now.

If you have some old computer parts, I am told one can build a "Vortexbox", but there is no touch screen, so you will have to find an "App" or use a computer to control it.  One of the projects I have on my list for next year.