Squeezebox internet radio

Has anyone been successful in finding a Jazz or New Age streaming broadcast at a bit rate of 256k or higher on their squeezebox? Can you help me find one (either free or fee-based)? Thanks for your interest and help.

Jazz Wyoming (Cheyenne, WY) (256 kbps)
Try Linn radio jazz...the also have two other stations,Linn music and Linn classical...all are at 320 bits http://radio.linnrecords.com/cast/tu...z/playlist.pls
Zarco - Nice find! It is much more enjoyable to be listening to these great Linn radio stations than listening to the jibber jabber of the football commentators while watching the Patriots crush Chicago (21-0). Sorry to all those Chicago fans out there. There may still be hope. It is only the second quarter.
I find the Linn classical station a bit off-putting because it seems to consist of broadcasts of short snippets (possibly for Linn dealers to demo their gear?). Dunno about Linn's other stations. AVRO Netherlands does 256 kb/s, but the music often borders on Muzak. WDR3, Bonn, Germany is only 128 kb/s, but the music is good and I enjoy it for background listening. Most of my internet radio listening is BBC World Service or Radio Nederland. Austin's terrestrial classical station, KMFA, has a horrible bitrate (32?), and I prefer to listen to it via my tuner.

All that said, I hope and expect that there will be better musical and other programming options in the future, though I notice that Radio Nederland is watering down their offerings with a Europe-wide consortium of programming.