Squeezebox Dead?

What are you guys migrating to these days? I have moved on to a mac mini + itunes + amarra. Reformatting my collection really sucked I have to say.

I do have a SB3 with an Acopian Linear Supply if anyone is interested. I don't even see any for sale these days on the gon. Hmmm...
I don't know about everybody else but mine (Touch) is working JUST FINE. I suppose if Logitech shuts down mysqueezebox.com at some point it will restrict its utility. However, it will still stream music from your computer. Sonos is the obvious next choice for similar functionality but I haven't seen anything I would abandon the SB for at this point.
DIY music server using HD-Plex H5.S case, JRiver MC, and JRemote for control. A little clunkier than the Squeezebox iterations, but it works fine for my needs. I do enjoy being able to view album art/info on my LCD TV rather than the tiny screen on the Touch.
I'll probably keep my SBs until they are ready for the audio gear graveyard, which could well be for a while. Everything still works great. I have started to research and experiment with alternate, broader A/V technologies, mainly XBMC running on Android media devices. Usability features continue to improve and may be the ultimate draw to another platform. As long as I am running an external DAC with a good digital connection from source, I am not too concerned at this point about sound quality of devices geared towards a broader market than the very small niche high end audio market.
BTW I have two older Roku Soundbridge devices back in original packaging sitting idle since I moved to SB a couple years back. Both deliver top notch sound quality via an external DAC and work well off a good network connection to a PC running basic Windows MEdia Player with file sharing enabled. Technology is older but sound quality is the equal of my SB Touches run through the same DAC. If anyone is interested in those, let me know as I hate to see them sit unused.
Mapman - do the Roku boxes pass 96/24 FLAC files? How do they connect with the home network, wifi? My SBT still works, but it is the replacement Logitech sent me when my original SBT died, so I remain nervous.
"do the Roku boxes pass 96/24 FLAC files? How do they connect with the home network, wifi?"

Not sure about that, but I doubt it given the vintage of teh device. Never tried anything more than standard redbook CD resolution using both .wav and .flac. There is a Soundbridge support site that might have more info.

I connected them using Wifi. Also uses wire network connection, but never tried. You need an 80% or stronger connection for uncompressed .wav files to play without buffering over Wifi, which is achievable in most homes if radio path to router is not obstructed. That's the biggest minitation. SB is newer technology and has much better throughput over Wifi I would say.

I will likely only part with one and keep the other maybe for use in a third system someday. I see they go for ~$20-60 dollars on ebay these days. Mine are in excellent condition with all accessories and manual I think and also in original packaging.
I've been thinking of the Bryston BP-2 when my Squeezebox dies.
The Bryston seems like I could plug in my 2 TB Hard drive into it and control it with an Ipad. Too bad its $3000 Retail though, so I hope my Squeze box lasts a long time.