Squeezebox Apps for Iphone/Itouch

Not too long ago I came across a post that mentioned a different app to control squeezeboxes using an iphone or an ipod touch. I currently use Ipeng, and I find it very non intuitive. Anyone know what that other app is, and how well it works?

My guess is that the article was talking about "squeemote", which is available through the iphone app store and is an alternative to ipeng.

I haven't tried it, myself, although I agree that the ipeng interface can be frustrating sometimes. But given how low the app price is, there's little risk in giving it a try.
If you use a Mac with your iPhone/iPod Touch, you can buy an app called iTap VNC that allows you to control your computer from your iPhone (it mimics the computer's screen). Then, you could load SqueezeCenter and control SqueezeCenter from the iPhone.

Here's a demonstration of iTap VNC.
I use "squeezepad" for the ipad. It's almost the same as using the Touch. Very simple, well thought out, and a pleasure to use on the ipad.
I assume squeezepad is not appropriately scaled to be used on a Ipod Touch... is that true?
iPENG is what some people use.
Peter_s, I'm curious to know which version of iPeng you have. I originally owned 1.0, and then purchased 1.2.1. The latest release is a significant improvement in both quality of user interface and lack of bugs.
Looks like I have version 1.2.7.
Wow, I'm behind!