Squeezebox and Theta DAC

hey there everyone!
Have the Squeezebox up and running with a Theta Pro Progency A DAC - now that DAC is probably close to ten years old at this point. We got it used and hooked it to a 6 changer Onkyo cd player where it made a world of difference to the sound. Now, added to the Squeezebox there is seemingly little difference, the sound gets a little deeper perhaps but it is a very close call. Does this sound right to you folks, and if so, any suggestions as to a low cost DAC that would make a bigger difference. For example, would the Cambridge DAC Majic be a substantial upgrade to this.....Other elements are Vandersteen 1C's and NAD 326 integrated amp and NAD 545 cd player. Interconnect is a tributary digital coax.
Thanks, Audiowoman
The analog out from the Squeezebox is really quite remarkable considering the low cost of the device. However, I use mine with a Lavry DA-10 external DAC and there is an increase in clarity and refinement that is noticeable.

I've not heard the Cambridge so can't comment, but another you might check is the Channel Island DAC. They list for a bit more than the Cambridge but I did note one available used here on Audiogon. I came very close to buying one but was ultimately willing to spend more for the Lavry which I preferred.
I agree Squeezebox+External DAC=Good
thanks, I appreciate the comments.
I guess what I am really trying to tease out here is if the Cambridge DAC would be an upgrade or a just a lateral move from the Theta??