Squeezebox and Music Vault NAS

Any Squeezebox or Transporter users using the Music Vault NAS?


Looks like this NAS device is made specifically for use with the Slimserver based devices. I want something that I can use without my computer having to be on all the time and this would seem to fit the bill. What little I can find about this device seems like its pretty simple to set up and use. Would appreciate any thoughts from first hand users.
Any NAS will work without your computer being on so long as you have a network (a wireless router can be had for under $100). The Music Vault is double the price of a comparable NAS you could get at any Best Buy (Maxtor, Buffalo, etc). Also, I don't see what drives are in the unit or what the configuration is (i.e. is it RAID capable?). The real question seems to be whether the Squeezebox specific features are enough to entice you.

An interesting concept to be sure - I hope someone here has one and can report on it.
Thanks, I've just started researching the options and I guess I have a lot to learn. Thanks for the feedback.
The advatage of Music Vault NAS is that it runs the squeezecenter software on the NAS. This allows you to just have the NAS powered up by itself.

With a "dumb" NAS, you run the squeezecenter on your computer and it accesses the NAS. Now, you have a NAS and a computer drawing power; might as well loose tha NAS and just stick an extra drive in your computer.

I looked into this unit, but for $900 with 500GB, you could get a cheap laptop and hang a external HD of it and get the added benefit of a multi-use machine.
I've been debating this route and my take is the Prpixel is correct.
I looked into this unit, but for $900 with 500GB, you could get a cheap laptop and hang a external HD of it and get the added benefit of a multi-use machine.

I guess this is what I was trying to avoid, i.e having to turn on the computer to listen to music. As I understand the Music Vault, after all the music is loaded I can just use the Squeezebox remote to access the music stored on the vault/NAS. In my brief research of NAS setups that work in conjunction with the Squeezebox software, the Music Vault seems the easiest to setup since it is specifically designed for that purpose. Of course, the ease of use does appear to come at a price.

THere is a cheaper NAS from QNAP ($250 + HD) that will also do the same thing. The downside is you have to be techical proficient to set it up.

Your correct about not having to turn on a computer with the Music Vault to access your music with the SB.

I ended up hanging a 500GB 2.5" HD off of a UMPC (ultra mobile PC) and just leaving it on all the time. It is just about silent* and at peak it draws about 12-15 watts; less than the music vualt. In addition, it has wifi, bluetooth and a sprint cellular modem built in. Also, when it's not serving up muisc, I snap of the port replicatior bar, and use it to surf while relaxing in the lazyboy while watching TV. Finally, it's so small it great for traveling, or just surfing while waiting for that doctors appointment.

I plan to add another 500GB HD in the near future. While I can fit most of my CD's on the one drive, I need the second drive for the wife's collection and seasonal music.

*It makes about as much noise as one of those scented oil fans.
Prpixel- Can you provide some more details about the entire rig you have. Not only hardware but software as well. My goal is to ripped bits from HD to a digital input on my APL 3910 and thence into my system. It be a plus to get the music to an auxilary rig in my home office. I do have a wireless network. Would want to be able to control it from the LR and also HO if possible. Do not need to have separate or even simultaneous sound at both locations. I have an amplified woofer/sat rig in the h.o. that accepts RCA line level analog input and I also have a decent M-Audio 24/96 sound card in the home office computer. My 19 y.o. son is pretty good with software and hardware and has been assembling and modifying computers for several years, but he cannot understand why MP3s via iTunes is not good enough for me.