Squeezebox and FLAC Files

I converted my .wav files to FLAC using Mediamonkey.

WHen I load FLAC files to Logitech Media Server, I get duplicate albums showing, i per track.

Album tags appear to be in FLAC files same as original wave.

I suspect some tagging related parm in Media Monkey in that I believe the first time I tried this it worked but not this second time around so something is different perhaps.

Anyone seen this with FLAC files in SQueezbox/Logitech Server? Any suggestions?

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Actually, I think I found the problem shortly after posting.

With the intention of preserving the same directory structure for FLAC files as with my current .WAV, I mistakenly used PATH rather than FOLDER in naming the directories for the FLAC files. That resulted in each flac file living in its own directory, rather than all files per CD/album in the same directory. Apparently, Logitech Media Server requires files in an album to be in the same directory in order to be listed together. I never realized this before in that I always ripped CD tracks to .wav in the same directory, so all was good.

I'm re-doing converting .wav to flac again now using FOLDER as the target directory in MM.

Interestingly enough, PLEX media server, which I am running alongside Logitech MEdia Server using the same set of FLAC files currently, apparently does not require CD/album tracks to be in teh same directory and just uses the tags.

Live and learn. Should be worth the time invested to get it all right when done to be able to listen to my music from anywhere including current in-home Squeezeboxes with everything filed nice an cleanly in the library.

I've invested a lot of time over the past few years getting my .wav library nice and clean, so my goal for now is to merely preserve what I have for now in FLAC and then move forward from there.
FWIW, I have about 25000 .wav files and it takes MediaMonkey just under two days to convert them all. THe good news is it seems to work well and the results sound good. :^)