Squeezebox 3 As A Preamp?

I am having the constant upgrade itch, however, I am on a budget and I am sticking with my Squeezebox 3 as a source. My question is, how can I upgrade my Squeezebox 3 sound the cheapest way possible? I have an old NAD 3155 integrated that I am impressed with, but it does not have a remote and it is not quite what I am looking for as far as sound goes. I was thinking about keeping the 3155 and using its strong 55 WPC amplifier section and buying a great, used preamp. I was also thinking about buying a great used amp and using the Squeezebox 3 as the preamp. Keep in mind that I do not want to buy a DAC at this time, that will come next. Power is not important to me, just the most lifelike sound possible with a budget in mind. I cannot have too much power, I live in a condo with grouchy neighbors.
I have an old NAD 3155 integrated that I am impressed with, but it does not have a remote and it is not quite what I am looking for as far as sound goes

Can you explain that a little more ?
What I mean is, being that the Squeezebox 3 has in internal volume control/preamp built in, could I not use it as the preamp and just get a high quality amp? Or does it make more sense to still get a preamp and use my NAD 3155 integrated as just an amp? Keep in mind that I want to use what I have if possible (Squeezebox 3 and NAD 3155 integrated amp), and upgrade to either an amp OR preamp, not both, for the best possible sound on a budget.

I hope that makes more sense.
Buy the best amp you can afford and run the SB directly into it. The amp you buy depends on your speakers and tastes and type of music you listen to.
I have a little bedroom system where I run a Red Wine Audio modded SB2 directly into a little Winsome Mouse Class D amp and out to a pair of Silverline Minuets.....Great sound for the money. No need for a preamp.
I think you could easily try running the squeezebox to the NAD assuming this model NADs pre and amp sections can be decoupled in the rear like many NADS can to use the pre-amp inputs to the power amp section only and see how it sounds in comparison as an easy test.
Just a word of warning; It's a software volume control, on the SB3. Software has bugs. My SB3 has spiked up the volume without any warning as result of me hitting the pause or even the Off button (!) several times. At 100% volume, connected directly to power amp, it could damage your speakers.
That's why I'm still in the look for a good preamp (considering a passive one).

Basically you put an attenuator in and of the size that prevents blowing up your speaker at max volume. The Transporter is very easy to set attenuation. I have a SB as well but haven't looked in detail at attenuating it but it should be not too difficult. Of course you can always buy some well-built but inefficient speakers. These would be pretty hard to blow up.
Thanks for all your responses. I agree with R1_jazz's response, I came to the conclustion that it is too risky to run directly from the SB3 because of the glitches in the volume control, which would risk blowing the speakers with a high-powered amp. I am going to go with a pre-amp instead and play it safe.

Thanks everyone!